Friday, July 24, 2009

North Carolina

It only took about a week but we made it coast to coast! North Carolina was awesome, (I feel like I have said that about every stop we have made this summer, but so far everything has been so fun!)
We spent two days at Tucker Lake because one just wasn't enough.

The swinging trapeeze was the best part.

Leah plugged her nose on every jump. I think that is why she could never do a back flip.

The tent got a little wet from the Smoky Mountains, so we set it up to dry out. Except it rained for 2 more days after that! Rocky loves tents.

Sometimes you just got to lounge nakey.
Oh Rossie poo...
A day at Wilmington Beach.
Rock wasn't sure about it, especially after he shoved a fist full of sand in his mouth, and then rubbed it into his eyes.
but waking up from a nap always makes him happy.
Notice who is wearing a hat in this picture...
and who has it in this one. Gavin was a little posessive of anything Rock was interested in.
Jackson and Joe had a backyard tent sleep over (that lasted 10 min...Jackson prefers his own bed apparantly.)
This here is the after math of some serious tap out wrestling. Leah and I went 4 rounds, and Rachel went one round on each of us. I think Leah is the toughest fighter I know, watch out Crush. If you look closely Leah and Rachel have blood all over their shirts, cause Leah gave Rachel a bloody nose. Rachel is a tough cookie though, she didn't tap out until Leah had her in a good choke. As it stands Leah has beat me 3 times but I got her on our last go round. To be continued...
On the road, again.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Great Smokey Mountains

We drove all day and pulled into a campsite at the base of the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennesse/North Carolina after dark. That morning was the prettiest part of our drive so far. We thought those mountains were well named, cause the fog and clouds make them look covered in smoke.

For some reason Rock sleeps so good when we camp. Joe and I got everything we could packed in the car and he slept through it all. Joe even let the air out of the air mattress and he slept through that. We picked him up and put him in his car seat, and he slept through the whole drive through the smokies! For being a light sleeper, it impresses me how he sleeps when we camp.

I thought it might be interesting to show what it looks like in the back seat. Ross's long bow is perched on top of Rock's car seat.

On the road, again

Metropolis... you may have heard of it... Clark Kent's home town. Try not to be jelous.

Lenexa, Kansas- this blog's for you Morgan!

We arrived for a long weekend in Kansas to spend with Dan (Joe's brother), and Marci, and their fun kids Morgan, and Owen! We had a blast! Morgan and Joe had a big raced planned. Morgan even trained real hard for it. She ate oatmeal for breakfast, and got her brother Owen to be her training partner! Everytime Morgan called Joe on the phone for the last 2 months she reminded him that she was going to beat him! They raced the day we got there at Shawnee Park.

At the starting line...

Morgan started out strong...
and won by one step!
Yeah Morgan!!
The winner's prize: Painting Joe's toenails.
More of Shawnee Park, playing in the creek. I loved this park! It was huge, and beautiful.

Owen just sat right down in the water!

We went to this awesome kids park that had a lot of animals.
Rock got to put his feet in the little splash area for kids. A nice relief from the hot day!
Owen went down the slide...
And so did Joe...
We took a tour of Liberty Jail on Sunday. It was a really cool experience.
Rock liked the tour so much we had to step out after a while cause he was talking so much.
Owen didn't last the whole time either.
Inside the jail was really dark. Rock and Owen liked that part too. They were talking to eathother really loud.
The best part was just seeing the cousins having such a good time together.