Saturday, December 17, 2011


Not sure how time flies so fast, but our little Rosie is not a baby anymore...
She's one!

Joe had high hopes for his little girl digging into her cake... but although she didn't shed as many tears as Rocky, she was still skeptical.  And didn't try a single bite.

What am I supposed to do with this?

Joe brought up a good point, when she is supposed to be behaving herself she makes the BIGGEST messes, and can't keep her fingers out of jars, bowls, sauces, milk... but when she has an enormous piece of cake to go buck wild with, she doesn't do a thing!

While I was cleaning her hands and belly, Joe had other plans for her cake, and he documented the whole thing.  

The birthday girl is opening big brother's present.  He wanted to get her a princess, and while I was searching through boxes in the garage for a birthday banner I found a Princess Peach race car toy that hadn't gotten unpacked! Pictured behind her is a brand new baby blanket I made her for her special day.  If any of my siblings are reading this, do you recognize the fabric?  It is the same material as the baby blanket I was attached to as a little girl, and still have to this day!

Get ready for some cuteness...Her 1yr photo shoot!

Can't  fake that kind of cute.

She's trying to hold back her laughter.. probably at me..desperately trying to get her to stay in that chair for the photo shoot, that I can't seem to keep her out all other hours of the day :)

Can we PLEAASE be done?

Farewell Fall

 I took a walk one day and brought my camera along, because I have never lived in an area that has so many color changing trees.  There are so many things I love about fall, sometimes it's hard to see it go!  Mom I dedicate this post to you, and to you Kaylee, two people I know that love the fall colors as much as I do!

One day after a wind storm there was so many leaves in the streets you couldn't even see the crosswalks!  It was an unbelievable sight. 

Farewell fall, and hello frozen dog bowls,

and frozen spider webs! (I have never seen this before...)