Monday, March 11, 2013

The Never Ending Story

You know the story with that boy who rides big flying dog and they just keep flying around the world and there is no end in sight?  Did you know that I cannot for the life of me remember what that show was all about, just that it had a big huge flying dog.  That encompasses a few facts about the month of February.
Flying dogs.  Growing up we had a dog named Rex-the-Wonderdog.  He was a basset hound, and he loved to ride in the passenger seat with the window rolled down and his head out with his big-ol ears flailing around in the wind, and slobber flying everywhere.  He looked like a superhero dog... like a Wonder-Dog and all he needed was a cape to fly. Unfortunately he would get get filled with such rapture as the wind rushed through his flapping ears that he would sometimes forget that he didn't have a cape and would jump out the window and all you would see was him in the rear view mirror rolling down the street. 

February was the month of projects.  It seemed that the project list grew ten fold this last month, and we have been busy getting things done.  I felt like Rex-the-Wonderdog for a little bit this month while accomplishing project after project, I felt that I could fly.  Then February 14th and 22nd came along and I was so distracted with the many projects that I crashed and burned.  I will try to take some time explaining a few of the big projects and then I will get into the meat of February and that is Sarah's Birthday.

First project.  The magnet wall.  This was Sarah's brain child.  Now that we have a stainless steel fridge we can't use magnets any more... So Sarah thought it would be cool if we had a wall to put all our magnets on and letters and pictures from family and art from the kids.  We tossed around a few ideas and then Sarah thought, what if Warren could get someone at the shop at work to cut us a sheet of steel the exact size of the wall area... So that is what we did, it was 1/8" steel sheet that was very very HEAVY duty, and we screwed that sucker on the wall.  We only ended up breaking 2 drill bits and a screw but in the end I'd like to think it was a success.  Thanks Dad!

Next project was to make a reading nook and art area for the kids.  We imagined what would be fun for them and tried to recreate it (you know like on Reading Rainbow when books would come to life but all you could really think about was why that Star Trek guy was missing his cool-futuristic glasses).  We ended up making a low desk with a chalk board that surrounded it and storage areas for art supplies.  Then above the chalk board we made a cork board to post their creations.  This is also an ideal place to do "Mommy School" this is where Sarah sits down with the kids when Rocky is not in pre-school and teaches them important life lessons, like the many ways to skin a cat.

After the nook was completed we decided the kids needed beds.  We decided to move the kids room upstairs.  We got the kids some beds and I made some drawers to put under their beds.  Then we painted their wall (which previously was a shade of red mixed with jaundice) and we painted it none other than green.  After that we decided to placemat their separate sides of the room with tree decals.  Can you tell whose side is which?

Bo's room was our next project.  Before we would call it the yellow cave, and although yellow is suppose to be a happy color, it had the opposite effect for us.  So we painted the ceiling white (yes even the ceiling was yellow), then we painted the room Baby Blue for our Baby Bo.  We got a crib for free and then began our sports theme.  Bo Knows!  or was it Bo knows Bo?  With sillouettes of football, baseball, and running.

Another project we recently completed was a big start to our food storage.  Since we've been married we've only moved 100 times, or something close to that, so we always talked ourselves out of accumulating any food storage.  Worse case scenario we planned on just using our combined skill with the bow, our guns, or even the throwing knives to hunt wild beasts.  But atleast now we will have a balanced meal.

Sarah's Birthday!  On the 22nd we had the honor of celebrating Sarah's 28th birthday.  The first time I met Sarah was in February of 2005.  So in a way it is also like the 8th anniversary of our inevitability.  Sarah of course wanted a marble cheesecake which I love making for her because I love cheesecake and chocolate and anytime I get to mix the two I take full advantage.  Now you are thinking, I thought this was suppose to be the meat... well, I forgot my cape.  But Sarah is amazing (you may not know this but Sarah just graduated with a Bachelor Degree and was Sumo Con Quesso or Summa Cum Laude and she did that while raising two demanding kids, being pregnant, and moving four times!!)  Like I said amazing.  Like Sarah-Wonder-Woman with the cape! 
Meeting Sarah in 2005

8 years later!
As you know the countdown is on.  Only 3 more weeks before baby Bo arrives, and Sarah can't wait do get off that flying dog.   Sometimes pregnancy feels like the Never Ending Story.