Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our First Sunday at Church

Mom got Rockwell bathed and all ready for church for his first appearance since birth. He was in such a good mood she snapped a few adorable pictures of the little guy...(to be continued)

She got him all dressed up in his handsomest shirt...

(This is the very first smile caught on camera by the way)

And then he POOPED all over his most handsome shirt. I think Rockwell looks a bit remorseful in this picture.

Oh yeah, and it was mom's 24th birthday that day too. For dinner Joe BBQ'd some shishkabobs, and made a non dairy (for Rockwell's sake) Choclate Rocky Road cake from scratch- wow- and to top it off we enjoyed some Henry Weinhard's Black Cherry Soda pop. (thanks Nuckles!)

Cousin Natalie Comes to Visit

Natalie loved holding baby Rockwell, and she also liked taking his pacifier! He didn't think it was very funny..."Mom put down the camera and save me!"

What pretty blue eyes Natalie!

For some it was a rough day...

And others... well, lets just say that looks pretty cozy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Rex the Wonder Dog

If you don't know already, Joe loves Basset Hounds. If you've never received a hand written card or letter from Joe, then you don't know what his trademark sketch of Rex the Wonder Dog looks like, which is unfortunate. In fact one Thanksgiving Joe decorated a pumpkin pie with a chocolate swirl drawing of a basset hound, with a cape, flying through the air, (Rex the Wonder Dog). If we are playing a game where one partner has to draw clues for the other partner, and Joe gets stumped, more often than not- you better believe it- Joe just substitutes a small drawing of his favorite flying basset hound. That is my explaination for why Rockwell is in this really sweet basset hound get up.
Rock wants to make sure you see the close up of the puppy, he's pointing it out for you. In his sleep.

Bored Yet?

I think Rockwell is bored of my picture taking- he yawns for the camera instead of smiling. It's a subtle hint but I get it.

I am not a camera guru, but I am pleased with this picture, my boy is so cute!

Granted the picture might be a bit artsy- but everyone needs a hand picture.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Art of Meditation

He's got his thinking cap on.

Rockwell always seems to have his hands on his face when he sleeps, It is so cute! I am convinced he is in deep thought about how he can keep mom and dad up all night long...