Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bo William Weatherspoon

 This is a repeat Blog about Bo.  Unfortunately, my blogging skills are a bit rusty and in an attempt to add to what Joe already posted I deleted his entire post about our little guy! I'm sad because his narrative was so great- here's the second attempt in my own words...

Bo William Weatherspoon was born on April 1st, 2013 and in Joe's words it was at about "breakfast-thirty".  He is our largest baby at 9lbs 6oz.  He had a big head and a big body that our Dr. loved to point out at every visit prior to his arrival.  The Dr. would always point at Joe and shake his head as if to blame him for how inevitably large the boy would be!  He was my 2nd c-section so I knew what was coming. This is good and bad.  With his size, I'm glad I had a c-section but it wasn't the smoothest operation and it hasn't been the easiest recovery, but BO has been the easiest baby-so you win some, you lose some I guess!  In our case, we ended up the big winners.  Here's a smattering of our favorite pictures and they can tell the story.
No more pregnant pictures for this girl! This was my shadow with two days left to go!
I have this thing against matching in public with Joe- and it just so happens we were twins on the way to the hospital! Not for long- I was in my gown after that, but I had to get a picture.  Aaah, the irony.
Bo's first photo. I've never seen or heard a baby come out so calm. It wasnt very endearing at the time because we both thought something was wrong- when he was limp and silent- but the Pediatrician roughed him up a bit until Bo gave her an annoyed squawk. Best sound ever. Sigh of relief. I have to chuckle to myself because that's proven to describe His personality so far. He doesn't make a fuss about much- including his entrance into this world. "I know I just arrived but leave me alone Doc, I'd rather keep sleeping!"

My favorite picture of Bo and his Daddy.
"Bo, it's me, your brudda Rocky. I wuv you baby Bo."
He is a perfect little bundle that kept me good company in the hospital.  
Funny thing about delivering at the hospital Joe works at, and the fact that Joe worked the night before- his signature was on my IV's cause he prepared/checked my meds!  I thought that was picture worthy. 
My little Rosy girl. 

The first thing I noticed when they showed him to me was how many features I thought he shared with his daddy!

Never had a baby with hair! I love it. 
Home from the hospital and re-wearing all of Rocky's favorite newborn clothes.

Still working on juggling these 3.

One person shouldn't have to change this many diapers in one night, and one baby shouldn't have to go that many times in one night. At least that's what I thought in the morning.

Rosy admiring the outfit she hand picked for Bo months ago.

The first time I put on Pandora we listened to the Black Keys.  A GREAT response I thought.

Now we listen to a lot of Reggae, I'm getting back to my roots...One night he was having an unusual moment of discontentment (that's not usually his humor) and I put on Bob Marley and he listened to it with me for an hour. 

 My parents are on a mission in New York- so when my mom found out I was pregnant she wasn't very happy with me because she knew the timing would make it impossible for her to be there. While not having mom to take care of me, and dad to take care of the yard/projects was hard in some ways, my sister Lizzy made up for that when she trekked from Utah with her 3 girls for a week.  Her timing was great, she arrived an hour after I got home from the hospital.  My kids were in cousin heaven, and Joe and I LOVED having Lizzy with us.  Everything I'm trying to come up with to describe how it was just sounds like an understatement so I'll just stop there and post the only 2 pictures I took of our kids enjoying themselves together.
Ramona and Rocky are only 2 months apart and are little buddies when they get together. They made themselves name tags one morning and called themselves missionaries like Grandma Jeanne and Papa Eric.  I think there's a dress code violation with that bed head Rocky...

We enjoyed the blossoming of spring while Lizzy was here- such a beautiful time of year.  Our girls were all wearing pink and green, a perfect photo op!
This photo describes the state of my recovery while Lizzy was with us. I lounged around in my mumu that I sent her to Walmart to buy me the first day she was here. I don't know if anyone else's grandma wore these but ours did! Provided not only convenience and comfort, but nostalgia as well! And on rough days, I drank Dr. Pepper. Looks like Bo is looking for a sip. It also looks like I forgot how to sit like a lady!

The week lizzy left, Joe's family flew into town- Leah and her kids, and Ashley and her boyfriend Adam.  Week #2 of cousin fun.  Pictured here are the kids trying out their stunts on Ashley's skateboard.  I still felt pretty lousy physically so I couldn't join in much of the fun- but Bo and I stayed home and enjoyed some of the most restful days of my recovery thanks to family.  

Here is his name description and some of the reasons we named him:
Bo is a simple way to spell the French word and name, Beau. It's meaning is handsome, sweetheart, admirer. Joe and I both prefer the scrabble dictionary definition which described a companion, or friend to all. How I hope this proves to be true.  Bo is a derivative of the name William in England's English.
William is the middle name of my father. He has dedicated his life to serving Christ and sets an example that Bo can hopefully pattern his after. William also means protector and shield.