Sunday, January 26, 2014

Christmas and New Years

We had a short sleeve Christmas Eve!  It felt wonderful to not be bundled up.  Joe had to work until the afternoon so we went on a walk down Grandma and Grandpa Weatherspoon's street to see how the horses were doing while we waited for dad.

Bo is getting busier and busier by the day!  He was fixated on the glass ornaments and all the presents under the tree.  By the look on his face, it seems like he knows how cute of a trouble maker he is!
We all got new pajamas from Grandma and Grandpa so we put them on and took our pajama line up picture a little early (on Christmas eve as opposed to Christmas morning)

Christmas morning was a treat because Bo slept through the night, and the kiddos all slept in.. We had such a fun time on Christmas Eve I think the kids thought that was it- and didn't rush out to the Christmas tree to look for presents. Instead, they all snuggled into bed with Joe and I.  It wasn't until we asked them if they thought Santa came last night did they jump up to go look under the tree!  We also spent the afternoon at Warren and Margaret's- what a treat to live so close to family during the holidays!
On New Years Eve, Aaron was in town so we went out in the mud and shot some guns! 2013- Going out with a BANG!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fun at the Frozen Reservoir

We were on a mission to go sledding one day and drove out to a reservoir we had frequented this summer with the paddle board. We were shocked to see how low the water had gotten- it made the drought conditions a lot more real to see the obvious affects of it. Nevertheless, we still had a comepletely memorable time skating around on the frozen water, sledding over snowy sand and over all just having a great adventure!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Rosy Posy Turns 3

This little girl of ours had a princess tea-party with Rocky, her grandma, and friends when she turned 3.  
She helped me decorate and prepare for the party the entire day before, which was a lot of work! And the day after her party she stomped her foot and got that determined look on her face when I tried taking the party decorations down.  She insisted that it was STILL her birthday!

This picture cracks me up- she looks so disheveled from running around with her princess friends, and her face is so serious! haha.. It's a big deal turning 3.

These pictures are from the annual birthday shoots I try to take of my kids.  It usually happens sometime within a month after turning a year older.

Some thoughts Joe and I had about Rosy on her special day:
Some things that make Rosy great are her smile, especially her happiest crazy smile.  I love hoe goofy she is and how much she likes to laugh.  I love the fact that she is always singing to herself.  I love that she has to put her lipstick on 10x a day, and at the same time loves batman and superman.  She usually doesn't wear her princess dress unless she has a superhero cape on as well.  Her favorite color is golden.  She doesn't give out affection as often as her big brother, but when she does it is special and sincere.  We feel pretty lucky to have such a special girl.  -Sarah
I do love that spunky little girl of ours.  I love how she is so easy to tickle and so quick to smile for me, but will be stone faced to 99% of people out there.  I love how happy she is when she wakes up in the morning before I go to work.  I love how confident and matter of fact she is with her decisions.  I also love it when she helps me with  my projects.  She is quirky, funny, beautiful, quick, determined, and a Daddy's girl, and I wouldn't have her any other way. -Joe

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Turning Colder

Fall came and went, and it got colder!

Rosy played in the snow last year, but I'm not sure she remembers too much of it. On the first snow, sometime in November, we spent a while outside catching huge snowflakes in our mouths- Great memories, and I'm so glad I have this picture to remember her face and how excited she was to see the snowflakes fall!

The last yardwork day before winter, Bo was a big help!

Family Pictures

We Got our Family Pictures taken for the very first time! We just love the trees that line our backyard so we had them taken back there.  It was funner than both Joe or I thought it would be- so maybe we will have to do it again!

This is my favorite of the kids!

Love this boy!

So stinkin cute!

This is the best Rosy face.

Rocky and Rosy took some cute pictures together!

Monday, January 13, 2014


We had one of the most exciting Octobers in the Weatherspoon Family history of Octobers.  First of all, Joe and I ran a Ragnar-type race in North Carolina, called the Tuna Run.  It was a 203.8 mile relay from Raleigh to the Coast, Atlantic Beach, NC.  Joe's sister Leah captained the whole race and got Grant, Ross, Joe, Jenny - my sister- and Me to run it.  There were a few others and some last minute strangers that added on to our team because Aaron and his army buddies who were supposed to run it had some mandatory training the very weekend of the race.  They found out just before the race that they couldn't run it, so that meant I had been training for 15 miles total...and it turned out to be 23 miles I think.  We all had to pick up extra mileage because we didn't have a full team.  Joe, Leah, Jenny, and I all agree that added to how fun that race really was.
Good sports, these two.  Aunty Rachel babysat our kids so we could run the race together- she was awesome! It took us 30 hours to run it- so she had them for a couple of days!

Leah was our first leg- this was the starting line.

We all got tattoos with the directions of our routes.  This was really exciting for me!! 

Spent a lot of bonding hours in a 15 passenger van with these guys...

The name of our team was SPOON PLATOON

Joe had socks with super man capes on them.  Yes he did.

Ross handing off to Joe in the rain.. We had lots of rain. Especially during our middle of the night runs for some reason.

I love this picture of Grant and Ross at the almost-finish-line.  They are waiting to cheer Joe in!

Of course Joe went swimming.

The full team! Lots of us are already signed up to do one in Chicago with Captain Jenny.
There were so many memories made- This was such an inadequate and brief summary of what we did over the course of the race, it was one of the most challenging and rewarding races I've ever done, and by far the funnest event I've participated in as an adult.  I'm so glad my sister did it with  me, and also that I got to run it with Joe.  I remember Joe asking me if I would run it when I was about ready to burst with BO, and I couldn't even wrap my head around the idea.  I had to have a healthy baby and recover from a c-section, but we still signed up.  I'm so glad I did because I certainly had a reason to be motivated once I was able to start running.  It is a peculiar thing to feel your body progress and improve from barely being able to blow your nose your muscles are so depleted from pregnancy and surgery to gradually building up to the point where you can go out and run a 203.8 mile relay.  

The weather was so mild this fall- we spent so much time outdoors soaking up the beauty before winter set in.  This was on a nature walk along the Payette River.  We were actually looking for a bike trail we had heard about- but ended up ditching the bikes on this trail and adventuring instead.  Kid bikes don't handle off roading very well.

The following week we did find the bike trail.  I love how it is almost completely covered in fall leaves.  And that Rosy is still in shorts!

Down the street from our house a produce barn did hayrides out to a pumpkin patch.  The kids and I had a good time picking out pumpkins!

Next to Grandma's house we went to one of our favorite pumpkin patches that has a jump house, onion launcher, corn maze, tire swings and petting zoo.  Rosy is showing off her snazzy boots from aunty Jenny.
One night Daddy, Rocky, and mom went on a Rocky-date back to the corn maze on the only fridgid, freezing fall day that we had.  It was still fun! Mostly because Rocky makes almost anything fun.

We have never played in so many fall leaves as we did this year.  

The last pumpkin patch that we went to had some new attractions that the other ones didn't- between them all we made some great memories.

On Halloween night we all dressed up as super heroes, I am wearing a wonder-woman t-shirt, but somebody had to take the picture!
For mutual, my friend Christina let me borrow her fancy vintage dress, and we all dressed up! I was proud of us because not many leaders dressed up.
On pumpkin carving night we also had our last meal outside before it got to chilly too do that- we love eating outside.  We are fortunate to live in such a pleasant setting with the grove of trees behind us.
Pretty creepy, right?