Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pharmacy Formal

Joe's School put on a Pharmacy Formal that we did not miss!  Joe thought it was sort of funny and told me about it as a joke...and I told him he's got to be joking if he thinks we can miss something like that!  Dinner and dancing, plus the chance to dress up like it's prom night again!  Girls don't like missing out on stuff like that.  Anyway, we had a blast- and I ate the best chicken cordon bleu I have ever tasted!  Hopefully I can add more pictures of our good friends that night, but this is the only shot we got as we ran out the door.  Joe doesn't like to smile in photos, he thinks it looks like he's in pain, and I never wear lipstick so I think I'm smiling kind of funny too- but it was fun to wear my old highschool senior ball dress!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

We snuck out of AZ for a quick weekend to go to OR to visit Joe's parents and attend his 10 year high school reunion.  And I forgot my camera!! bah! I have these 2 pictures from a parade in Joe's hometown.  He even got to be in the parade for his graduating class- the camera I borrowed died right before I could get a close up of Joe on the float, so it's not a great picture.  Rocky and I LOVED the parade.  He laughed everytime people threw candy out.  Joe saved a piece of candy for Rocky and threw it right to us!  Too bad I didn't catch it and it hit the old lady behind us... but Dad was so nice to think of Rocky.  We were happy to see Joe's parents and let Rocky spend time with his grandparents.  He was even lucky enough to have his cousin Isaiah there to wrestle around with.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The gang went up to Prescott AZ (only 1.5 hours away) to enjoy the outdoor festivities with the added benefit of not melting in the heat.  I don't think it even got up to 90degrees that day!  We had such a good time- but seriously, when do we not?  Great places to go and great people to be with, and not to mention the kids handled the day so well.  Outdoor markets, enjoying ourselves at the Lake, crawdads, rock skipping, a carnival with free dirt to play in, and free pony rides, the highest speed hayride in America, and the funnest field to watch the kids wear themselves out in.  Not pictured: the fantastic fireworks display that Rockwell mistook for the end of the world.