Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Day At The Park With Rock

He feels like he has graduated from little kid's park. Now he likes to go down all the big boy slides.

If you were to look 'stink eye' up in the dictionary...

If he goes feet first, on his belly, he can go down the slides all by himself. All mama needs to do is take pictures.

I think I caught him right before he was about to blink... or maybe he's reallly dizzy from going down the twisty slide.

I probably should have left some of these pictures off, but I love his smiley eye!

Trying to reach mom through the finger holes in the floor.

Sick of the park, ready to play on the sewer grate!
I think this is a Joe face!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


ONE YEAR OLD! Can you believe it? Rock spent the day having fun- library, park, play time with cousin Nataile, party time, park again, and then a well deserved sleep! He got to try all sorts of firsts, Mom and dad got him Honey Nut Cheerios and Chocolate milk for his birthday- he seemed mildly interested.

Rock looks so... what's the work I'm looking for... Pimpin. And Natalie looks...scared.

This picture requires a bit of an explaination. Meet the 'Perfect Pet'. Seriously, that's what they're called. If you can't tell it's a helium balloon cow. We also bought a T-Rex and a little doggie. Rebecca and I started our adventure when we decided to walk to the $store where I saw these and really wanted to buy them for Rock's party. When I got them I was suprised that they didn't float- but they cashier assured me that's how they are supposed to be. It's a cute idea, kids can pull them by the leash and the animals just walk along, as Natalie is here demonstrating. The challenge was getting all three balloons home with 2 strollers! Not an easy task when they don't float. Needless to say if anyone was driving down 67th Ave around 1pm yesterday they probably got a show-

'The Rock'- Joe's personal design

A little coaxing from dad didn't really help.

We moved into the high chair but he still wasn't intereted.
Someone suggested giving him a pretzel to dip in the cake.

It just wasn't worth it...

A Few Things Rock Has Been up to Lately...

A truck should never be used for anything as mundane as simply driving in...
Does this giraffe look like road kill to anyone else?

Also, Rocky's favorite thing to collect right now is anything with a cord. I found the hand mixer in my closet the other day.
A straightener...

Phone charger, and a Vacuum- maybe next year with the vacuum bud...

Blow dryer and a straightener- 2 for the price of one!

A Space Heater...

Dad's Shaver...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Cameron!

Cameron turned 2! And our little Rocky boy has a thing for older girls...
Rock and Cameron looking like they're having the time of their lives on the swings at little Cameron's birthday party!

Not too long until Rocky will be celebrating his very own birthday!!!