Thursday, September 19, 2013

Annual Campout in the Eagles

Every year we make it up the the Eagle Cap Mountains. It started 3years ago when Joe started his first rotation in Oregon- we only had our little rocky boy and he was not quite 2. We still remember that as one of the most perfect days. Huckleberries and strawberries all over the ground, fishing, bear dog, no one up in the mountains but us.  The second time I was pregnant with Rosy and caught my first fish!  We went again when Rosy wasnt quite 2- and it wasnt quite as perfect. This last Labor Day we packed up and went spur of the moment and had a great time. Here's a photo reel of our adventuring. 
Rosy never seems to mind if she has a swim suit on or not, she took her boots off and just jumped in to the creek!
Love this picture of rosy and her daddy. 

Rocky has no fear of creepy crawly jumping slithering things. 
In the morning joe tried to catch us some brook trout with my bow. 
It was not warm and the water was chilly but rosy still insisted she put her suit on and go swim with the fishies. 
Rocky and joe were entertaining themselves by shooting at the fish with the arrows and then catching the arrow downstream somewhere. Rosy decided to grab rockys arrow for him and just took off into the creek- she didn't see a deep spot and got really scared when her feet didnt touch- but bravely made it back to shore, just a little shook up. She was content to watch from her perch the rest of the time. 
Joe jumped in too in order to make Rose feel better!
We also had a bow shoot out in the morning. 
Rosy is trying to get the hang of it. Successful campout with kids always feels good!
Here's some cute kids too-
She's obsessed with her golden shoes so a friend gave her a darling little golden dress hand me down!!

Back to school for this handsome man!