Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Lake, A Second Time

We went back to Lake Pleasant this weekend for a free outdoor concert thanks to Kaylee and Texas Roadhouse! Thank you, you're the bomb, as usual. They had an opener band that played for at least 3 hours while we did all sorts of fun things like...

Take pictures with Rednecks...

Ride little ponies, and go to the petting zoo... (you're so brave little Cameron!)

Ride the mechanical bull...

This is me staying on the mechanical bull...

and this is me getting ready to fall off the mechanical bull...

We also had fun on the grass dancing to the music and being with friends...

All in all, another great weekend. Rockwell liked being outside, but I think he thought the music was too loud, especially when he got ready to fall asleep, and couldn't. We stayed for one song of the main band, Lady Antebellum, and then Rockwell said, "TAKE ME HOME!" so we did!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Trip to the Lake

This past Saturday a bunch of friends from Joe's pharmacy program went out to Lake Pleasant which is only about 30min from where we live. Jared has a realllly nice boat and was nice enough to let 3 couples with kids party on the boat! I was so nervous for some reason (first time mom on a boat with her 2month old) I felt like puking. I hope someone out there has been there, cause I feel like a big time over-reacter now. Pictured above is the nervous parents, and the peaceful sleeping baby.

Everything got a lot better when Rocky woke up and Joe or I were able to hold him tight.

I even loosened up enough to try some wake boarding. Rocky's first time on the lake, and my first time wake boarding! It was so fun I couldn't stop laughing the whole time I was up on the water, I felt like a little kid. Of course the laughter stops whenever you hit the water. I am a complete amateur, the first time I hit the water it was a nice belly smack, the second time it felt like an enema, and the third time knocked the wind out of me. Third times a charm, I was done after that. Jared, (the boat owner) was next out in the water, and I have never seen someone do tricks like he did. He was doing flips and jumps, I think he could probably compete in the X Games.

Joe was first in the water. The other dads decided to take advantage of the fact that Joe never misses a chance to get in a lake, despite how freezing cold it is, so the kids all took turns taking a swim with him. That is little Cameron Nuckles with Joe Joe. Yes, it is AZ, and although the pictures look nice and warm it was freezing cold water and really breezy out there. All in all a really fun day at the lake!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rock's Baby Blessing

Rock's blessing was wonderful! It was held in our little one bedroom apartment. In attendance were the Weatherspoons, (Warren, Margaret, Leah and Gavin, and Ashley) My folks, Rebecca, Trent and Natalie, Uncle Richard and Carlys, Grandma Joyce and her cousin, our good friends, Kade, Kaylee, Jon, Andy and little Cameron, and our good Bishop! Can you believe they all fit? Leading up to it I wondered how it would work.. (Joe might have said I stressed about how it might work...) Actually it never even felt crowded and it was simply wonderful.

The happy family

The couldn't-be-happier mom

Three Generations of handsome Weatherspoon men

My awesome parents!! I am sure it was hard to stay away but they shared Rockwell really well while the Weatherspoons were in town.

The Weatherspoon family- At the time we thought that the slouching and the scrunching wouldn't show up in the picture... lets just blame that on how small the apartment is. My mom who took the picture is backed up as far as she can go. Rockwell can't take his eyes off his dad!

Does it look like my friends all came from the Amazon or something? Or am I really that short?

Here are some shots of the fun weekend we got to spend with the Weatherspoon's- we had such a good time. They were glad they got to take a break from the cold (17degrees when Warren and Margaret left Boise) and enjoy one of the warmest weekends yet in AZ!

Warren and his 7th grandbaby

Margaret, looking beautiful- Don't be confused by Rockwell's face, he is not crying but infact I caught him in the middle of a sneeze! Rock never cried while he was in his grandma's arms, which was 75% of the weekend!!

Aaaah, Aunty Ashley and little Gavin

Gavin got so sick while he came to visit, pink eye, ear infection, congestion, poor little man, but he is soo fun when he's feeling well! Leah thought she was getting away from it all and ready to spend a nice vacation in AZ, but she had her hands full with sick kids back home in NC and here in AZ, and feeling guilty about Rock having to spend 3 days in the hospital for catching a bug. I think that it was a little less relaxing than she anticipated, which is why she pretty much avoided the camera.

She bought him this really cute shirt though...
We also went to a couple spring training games. It was 80 something degrees that day, although it felt like 100!
Rock slept through it. We made a little cooler for him under his blanket with a cold water bottle.