Monday, May 28, 2012

For Memorial Day Joe didn't have to work so we went on a day hike to Jump Creek Canyon.  Only about 45min away. It wasn't warm enough to actually jump in the creek, but it felt great to be outside!

There were parts so steep Joe had to help Rocky walk.

Once Rosy found her spot she wasn't interested in moving.

Rocky is so fun to go hiking with. He is so sure footed for his age, and excited about everything he sees.  Love him.

This little nook of rocks was reflecting the water from the creek.  It was beautiful.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pictures to Share

Here are a few noteworthy pictures (in my opinion).  No major events going on, just some cute kids that need documenting.

I laughed when Rosy fit herself into this container,

and I was impressed when Rocky did too!

I never realized they had the exact same smile... Look at these kids!

Joe went on a trip to North Carolina to run in a Warrior Dash race with his sister Ashley, and bro Ross.  The kids missed him, I was jealous.  Hopefully more documentation from Joe to come.  He brought home a "Future Warrior" shirt for Rocky, and this darling little dress for Rosy.  That was purchased at The Gap.

Rocky is still playing with "His Guys" every day.  Hilarious right?

Rosco, the World's Oldest Dog, won Rocky's love and devotion this day.  

Rosy is one of those kids you have to keep a vigilant eye on.  She loves to escape out the front door and head straight for the street.  Rocky never did that... She's pictured here planning her escape.

This might be my new favorite picture.

Planning that escape, again.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wiffle Ball

The world of organized sports has begun for Rocky boy.  He's on a wiffle ball league this summer and I have a feeling he's going to enjoy himself!  
When we first arrived at practice he felt a bit anxious waiting for it to begin...

But he warmed up fast.  This kid had more enthusiasm than the whole team combined!
If you've never experienced watching little kids play sports...well, it doesn't get much better than that.

His game face. 

Check out how he has a handle on the little girl's shirt! I didn't notice that until I looked at the photos later!  If you could see the other kids in the photo they are all spaced about  3 feet apart... Not Rocky.

Rock is completely off naps.  99% of the time.  Today however, was one of those exceptions.  Rosy and I got the incredible pleasure of hangin out just the two of us for a couple hours.  I took a lot of pictures. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Joe, Rocky, and Rosy were playing legos one morning and I thought Rosy working so hard on her tractor with Joe was just so cute!  

She can make even the most "boyish" toys look so cute. Legos. Tractors.

Hey Handsome.
My Rocky can turn even the girliest toys seem so manly!
We bought a doll house from a garage sale recently and both kids have been stuck to it like glue.  Every time I turn around there is some hilarious concoction of Army guys.  The guy in the picture above is smaller than his other guys, so he got interpreted as a baby and was placed under the baby gym.  Facial hair and all.

They needed their rest.
And apparently they like hanging out on the bed with the flower print comforter together too.
He's resting on the couch in the same position as his guys.
I promise I did not place these guys here.
Hilarious. The guy in red seems to have an appropriate reaction to the situation if it were real life... Speaking of real life, Rocky is starting to create dialogue with his guys and I have to share them before I forget them.  I think he is so funny!  He likes to rope his guys up with string and dangle them from a toy airplane.  To one of the bad guys dangling he said "You are going to go home, and you're mommy is not going to be there!"- The worst kind of punishment he could think of!  He likes to hide his guys in random places, but he doesn't like losing them.  Which he does on a daily basis. We find them hiding under pillows, in the bathtub, lined up on his pillow, in shoes, and in his favorite bush in the backyard.  
I was accused of playing favorites by Kade, I think the words he used was "there is a 10-1 ratio of pics of Rosy vs. Rocky."  
That is because Rocky avoids pictures most of the time, and when I ask him to smile, it turns out like this!
So this is my attempt at evening the odds. 
Rosy likes black beans, a lot!  Unfortunately, today Grandpa asked her if she had dirty bean mess on her nose- which she interpreted as "time to start sticking beans up my nose."  She sneezed for a while after dinner, one of the grosser things she did today.