Monday, September 20, 2010

Back in Baker For a Day

We all headed out to Baker City, OR (Joe's hometown) for a day last weekend.  We enjoyed a picnic along the Powder River, and a delightful nature walk.  The path we were on couldn't have been more than 1.5miles, but with Rockwell it took us at least 2 hours.  He had to overturn every rock, pull up every plant, and inspect every bug.  This picture of him pretty much sums that up.  He was so happy and excited during our little hike it made it one of the most enjoyable nature walk we had all ever been on. 
Warren's scouting out the trail ahead.
If you look closely you can see the hard work of Dan's (Joe's older brother) eagle project.  The bird houses are still there.  This picture was taken especially for you Dan-
The biggest wishing flower we have ever seen!
WARNING:  If the viewer is sicked out about snakes, scroll past the next photo
How brave is my boy?  Holding his first snake was no big deal.  Let's be honest, he was calmer than his dad over the whole ordeal.

3 Generations of pretty great guys.
Have I mentioned that Rocky's new best friend is his grandma?
When I asked Margaret to take a family picture for us, Rocky with his fingers in Joe's eyes and nose is not what I had in mind.  But I like it.
Stop #2 on our day was Phillips Lake.  This is Joe's favorite cliff jumping spot. 
Joe is checking out the infamous spot where his big brother Dan took a spill down the cliff when they were teenagers, hitting his head on some rocks.  Joe jumped in after him and pretty much saved his life.  Rocky don't get any ideas.
Ever since I have known Joe he has talked about this camping spot he and his buddies used to go to during their high school years.  I finally got to see it.  It is so high up in the mountains, and the road is so rough to get up there, it hadn't seen enough foot traffic these past 10 years to change the way it looked.
Rock is holding the arrow I found in the ground at the camp spot.  It was an excellent parting gift from the ol' campsite, especially since it is the exact weight that Joe uses on his bows!
A pretty great view from up there.
I have always loved the memories from my childhood- growing up in the Bay Area was incredible and I have never wanted anything different- But on days like this where I get to see the beauty and rugged nature that Joe got to make his playground growing up, I think I do get a little jelous that some of those aren't my memories. 
We ended the day at the Baker High School football stadium to cheer on the Bulldogs.  There's no need to mention they didn't win- or that it wasn't even a close game.  It was a fabulous day catching up with old friends and checking out all of Joe's old stompin grounds.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cantaloupe Without a Licence

While staying at my parents we found our first "home video" of Rocky. You may notice the level of professionalism that this was filmed, lucky for us 'Warren the Hammer' was the camera man. Practice makes perfect. Just a side note, anyone who has watched a home sports film that was filmed by their parents knows the level of concentration and experience required for such a feat. Usually a home movie filmed by 'Warren the Hammer' is accompanied by odd commentary about a mix of happenings on the field as well as off the field. Also, you can tell when something important is happening because the picture will pan to the back of the closest mullet.

I can't believe how big Rocky has gotten. I never thought Rocky was dainty, but when we saw this film of him when he was 4 months old eating cantaloupe (cantaloupe without a license), he looked so small. It was impressive of how independent he was from such a young age. He would not let me touch the fork, but I did take the first chance I got to nab that cantaloupe. "Like stealing candy from a baby."

Life in Oregon

Here's an update of the usual happenings here in Ontario, OR. 
Skipping Rocks at the Owyhee River to beat the heat.
Rock's buddying up with grandpa in the shade.

We played an exciting game of 'pooh sticks'.  Rocky threw his stick in a little early- but he's still learning to count to 3, so we didn't hold him accountable.

I think we found a new family hobby- U Pick Orchards!  We love them- mostly because Rocky loves them.  Joe's co-workers suggested this orchards and they were incredible.  We picked our fill of plums and apples. 
I like these camoflauged boys.
This picture just made me laugh because that I startled Rocky and caught him dropping the plum mid fall.
Despite the look on his face, Rocky LOVES plums.

He worked on this apple, which happens to be pretty much the size of his head, the whole way home.
Every day (sometimes twice a day) Rock and I walk around the grounds of Joe's parent's place and we pick an apple or a peach.  Rocky always finds a creative place to eat his fruit.