Monday, November 30, 2009

Rock's Zac Tie

Lizzy made Rocky the best Christmas gift- his very own Zac tie. When we were down for the funeral all the little Grow boys wore one of their uncle Zac's ties. Leah made her boy's ties at my mom's house and I guess there was some remnants from Dresden's tie. Lizzy kept it and made one just for Rocky boy. Just so happens that this was my favorite Zac tie.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a Family Reunion

We drove to Oregon for the first week of Joe's Thaksgiving break. Rock wasn't as good of a traveler as he was for us this summer but once we got there it was nothin but relaxation! And honestly, besides the food posioning I got from Dominos, and a 24 hour flu Joe got in the week that we were there, we loved our visit with Joe's parents. Rocky was definately pampered by his grandma and grandpa which is always a good thing.

The only day Rock was happy outside in the cold- he's definately climatized to AZ!

Also Rocky worked on his walking skills and got VERY comfortable on his feet!

Thanksgiving back in AZ brought ALL my siblings together! How cool is that? First time since my wedding 5 years ago. It was once again, so beautiful in Rebecca's backyard.

Thanksgiving can't be complete without a kid's table!

Rock and Olivia getting their snack on.

After thanksgiving football game- just the boys.

The kids always know where to go to find a toy room.

Since we were all together we decided to do our Christmas gift exchange. It was sooo fun. Great idea Jenny!

Having 10 other cousins around was a bit overwhelming for Rocky at times. He was most content during the day to push the car around, by himself.

When he was forced indoors this was a typical expression, "Get me outta here!"

We had my brother Jonathan, Sondra, Collin, Brandon and Madeleine stay with us for the weekend, we had such a good time. Rocky loves his only boy cousins!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


On Saturday I ran a 5k. VERY unexpectedly I got second place for women over all and First for my age group. My time was 23min 2sec if you are going by the race results, but funny story- I was warming up when it was announced it was time to head over to the start line. It was then that I realized everyone over by the start except for me (I must have been in some sort of pre-race zone not to notice before.) So immediately Joe, Rock and I head over there, I take my sweats off, and just as I am kissing Rocky for goodluck the race starts!! I wasn't even over there- I was behind everyone at the start. Kind of frustrating- but Joe timed me from when I started and my time was 22min 45sec. I know, 'excuses excuses' but I'd rather go by that time...
I remember what I was thinking right about now, "Should I puke now, or later?"

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I LOVE PUMPKIN PATCHES! Andy and I drove past this one over a month ago and have been looking forward to going all month long. Andy checked with them and they said it was free which made it so much better, but when we got there it was $6 per person to get in! I had to laugh because there were six of us outside the pumpkin patch, Joe and I, Andy and Jon, Kade and Kaylee, and once we found out there was an entrance fee we had to deliberate for almost 10 min. on if we could afford getting in. It was a true poor student moment. Kade and Kaylee opted out since they don't have kids, and Joe would have had to leave for work soon after getting in, but I was glad Rock and I stayed with the Nuckles. We really had a good time.

We also talked the Nuckles into coming to the ward Trunk or Treat- it didn't take that much convincing since there was a chili dinner included, am I right?

Also, it was one of the coldest nights EVER in AZ.

Check out that Rock Star family!

Our block party on Halloween night. Do my boys look happy to be there or what?

The big Halloween bash at our place.

Mr. Rodgers found a new lady friend.

Rock thinks he can steal that golf club from Dan, and looks pretty happy about it.
Bobbing for apples the Martha Stewart way. Suspended from a ceiling fan.
What a lovely bunch of ladies.

The Lake

Another fun weekend had by all in the great state of AZ. We all went camping, and then in the morning Jared took us all out on his boat, again! Last time we went out Rockwell was only 2 months old. It felt amazing to soak up the heat and play in the water before it gets too chilly. And by too chilly, for AZ this means a balmy 70 degrees.

Rock's face says it all. He thought it was pretty great that he never had to go indoors all day or night. Mom on the other hand remembers camping with Rocky being alittle bit easier this summer when he wasn't in the 'I-want-to-put-every-single-little-rock-in-my-mouth-stage.' Oh well, it was totally worth it. That night we were serenaded to many guitar ballads which were so great, who knew we had so much talent in our group? and one harmonica song, over and over.

Breakfast was delicious, Joe knows how to eat when camping! He made us all blueberry pancakes and turkey bacon. I want to point out that the pay station told us two tents fit per campsite. Little did we know how close to our neighbors the Nuckles we were going to be. When I heard little Cameron wake up I whispered in her ear something about being her fairy godmother without even opening our tent doors... Good thing the Spoons and Nuckles do not snore.

I want to point out that Rock was still interested in eating everything off the ground in the morning so he got confined to his pac-n-play for breakfast.

Rock is looking forward with anticipation to boating later that morning.

Jared dove off this 40ft cliff! Incredible! If you blow up this picture you can see me in the background doing a much more modest jump. Joe also jumped off from as high as Jared.

The little guy got so tuckered out he slept for 2 hours in my arms while everyone took turns wakeboarding.

This is the only shot we got of Joe wakeboarding.

Jon dedicated his first ride to George W. How patriotic!

Rock looked like a little muscle man in his life vest suit. So cute!