Friday, January 13, 2012

My parents came up last week for an impromptu visit, which was AWESOME.  We loved it!  We took mom and dad out to the beach hoping to scope some good driftwood.  While we all had a good time, we did not find any good wood.
Someone was letting their kid play in freezing cold beach water, who does that?...
Truthfully, he just can't be tamed, so we don't try.

He elected grandma to warm him up after his frolic in the water.  He was soaked! Gloves, sweatshirt, sweats, shoes and socks.  Rocky got dad's sweatshirt and Rosy's blanket. 
He wasn't the only one grandma kept warm.

Joe, water, rocks; they can't NOT be skipped.

I have said this before, Joe has the longest arms which make him the best photographer when there is no one around to take our picture!
This may sound cheesy to some, but, the beach is just one of those places that make me feel in love.  Even before I had someone to love, if I was at the beach, I wanted someone to love!  I'm talking about Northwest  chilly, rocky, windy, cloudy beaches.  Love em.

Pictured: Joe, Bear, Beach.
This beach is amazing right? 
There was a sunny day, and we played outside! I don't know if Rocky is more impressed with the ducks, or the fact that he actually has a shadow.
Why do they make slides so high?  Only moms worry about stuff like that, but really, why?  

He looks sort of out of place in a baby swing.  It was such a bad idea to try and do an underdog in a swing so low.  I did not major in physics, but maybe I need a class or two.  Let's just say we are lucky Rocky stayed in the swing, it was a close call. yikes.

This girl was happy to get out!    

Never mind that her fingers and toes never seemed to warm up the rest of the day.

Playing at the park is hard work mom.  I think I'll just take a rest on our pancake griddle here in the cupboard while you make me dinner :) Why is she so cute?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Season

This is our holiday summary for the month of December
I love this picture of Rosy relxing on Joe.

We tried our hand at bowling this Christmas season...

Rock was a natural!
Rosy was a cute little spectator.

Mama and baby on Christmas morning.
Albany does this cute "Storybook Land" for free, it's this huge set up of different children's stories in a simulated forest.

Mom, I took this picture for you.

Rocky was brave enough to sit on Santa's lap!
We also took the funnest trip up to the mountains to pick out our Christmas tree.  Joe's showing off our prized tree!

It was a beautiful day in the mountains, my favorite day in the month of December.

Rocky is doing the smell test. He approves.

We found an amazing park in a town near by that had a train...

and dinosaur bones!