Tuesday, February 23, 2010

25 Years OLD

Here's to the most elaborate suprise birthday hoax I have ever heard of- and to the best friends for pulling it off.

Sundays are busy days for many, but this particular sunday was especially busy. Church 9-12, Joe home teaching 1-2pm, Our home teachers 3pm, Activity Committee Meeting 4pm, and as soon as the meeting was over Joe got a call from Jon Nuckles who had apparantly gotten 'stuck' while working at the hospital. Jon was going to have to undergo all sorts of tests to make sure he didn't pick up some disease and wouldn't be allowed to drive himself home afterward, and asked if we would we be willing to babysit Cameron whle Andy picks up Jon. I was so concerned!! Of course we would, who wouldn't? We rushed over and to my suprise that whole story was made up! There were my friends hiding behind the couch, and Jon, healthy as can be. Thanks for the heart attack you guys :)

A real Thrifty Brand Rocky Road ice cream cake. Delicious.
Speaking of delicious- Out to eat the next morning with the ladies. We all ordered mixed berry crepes from Mimi's Cafe. Yum, and thank you!

When I got home from the ladies only breakfast, Joe and Rocky had this set up in the backyard. To the untrained eye it may just look like a silly face spray painted on a slab of plywood, but to me it is the perfect target for my new hobby- knife throwing. Thanks babe, you are the best.

On a side note, my awesome Aunt Susan sent Rocky this shirt for his b-day last month. The Original BIG WHEEL. My cousins and I were lucky enough to have a grandma and grandpa who had a big wheel for us to ride when we came to visit their house. We were especially lucky because they lived at the top of a monstrous hill, and we all took turns speeding down the hill on that big wheel. I always felt my life was in danger every time I got on that big wheel but it never stopped me from doing it. Thank you Aunt Susan, I was so pumped when I saw this shirt. It's the first shirt I put on him after laundry day.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Rocky and I were playing around in the field when he found his first dandelion! He loved them! Although he didn't think they tasted very good. (This kid puts EVERYTHING in this mouth.) Watching his enthusiasm for these funny little weeds brought me back a few years. I remember when my sisters first showed me the secret of blowing out the seeds and making a wish. Your wish only came true if you could get all the seeds blown away with one breath. There is something magical about being young enough to believe in that sort of thing.

Thinking hard about that wish...

Friday, February 5, 2010

Getting Dirty

Joe and I agree that little boys should be able to get as dirty as they want when they are naked in the backyard. The Rock concurs.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hockey Game and a Hallelujah weekend!

Thanks to Kade and Kaylee we got free tickets to watch the Phoenix Coyotes play hockey on Saturday- It was all of our first NHL game!

Walking around before the game...

Rocky Steers dad around with his ears- 'Dad the game is over HERE!'

Rocky even got some playing time. Pretty fierce bud.

They had this kid's corner where Rocky probably could have stayed all night.

Then, to top off the weekend we had a BBQ and a friendly Knife throwing competition. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Kade split the target right in two! I think Kade needs to enroll in a professional knife throwing club.
Kaylee getting some play time with Rocky.
We ended the night with a Sunday night fireside around the campfire singing our hearts out to Jon's guitar- Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. Something inside tells me he would be pleased with
our performance.