Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sleigh Ride with Santa

Rocky met Santa for the first time this weekend! He didn't cry or get upset on Santa's lap however, he did put his pacifier in his mouth (which many of you know he never uses a pacifier) which was funny to Joe and I- he had a little bit of nerves being so close to the big guy.

He didn't want to leave when it was over but thankfully Santa brought his candy bag and gave Rocky a mini candy cane. Joe and I were shocked to see that he had finished it before we got home. Especially since we live less than .5 miles from Santa's sleigh.


Rock went to the zoo with his cousin Natalie last week! Natalie looks like she is figuring out if she really wanted him to tag along on her zoo season pass or not.

I tried to tell Rocky to not clam up and just have fun...

Once we got to the play area he and Natalie really started to have a good time,

Thanks for the fun day Auntie Becky and Natalie

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ZOO Lights

Unfortuantely Joe had to sit this adventure out because of work, but Rocky and mom, Kaylee, Cameron, Jon and Andy all went to the Phoenix Zoo to enjoy the Chrsitmas lights! It was really fun- and a little chilly ( alright have your laughs- I know most of you think AZ never gets cold).

My first hot cocoa of he season! Delicious! Thanks again Knuckles!