Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 11

Rocky hasn't lost his obsession with his sister. He held her on his lap while they watched Gummy Bears today. They're pretty cute huh? We're missing you!
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 10

Since today was Sunday I took a rest from picture taking... but I do have some exciting news for you!  It was Stake Conference so we were sitting in sacrament meeting for 2 hours and guess who didn't have to be taken out?  That's right Rocky!  He did start losing it at around 1.5 hours...all because he saw a girl in front of him playing on her daddy's IPOD, he mumbled "I want choo-choo" in a whiny voice for the rest of church.  Poor kid.  But Grandpa opened up his phone and let rocky scroll through the pictures.  He kept trying to use it as an IPOD- the buttons are just not making sense for him yet.  Hope you're somewhere hiking a volcano, or relaxing at some lake in the middle of Guatemala, wherever you are just don't get on a bus with Kade...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 9- Over Half Way There!

Today was the big garage sale day!  Rocky is shown here sneaking back the cars and trucks he didn't approve of being sold.  More than once during the morning I would watch him get toys out, lay on his belly in the middle of the drive way and just start playing.  He got what he wanted because they didn't end up selling!
At the end of the day Rocky loves to lay next to his sister to get jammies on.
Right now, his favorite thing to do is play Thomas the Train games on Grandpa's lap.  He can do this FOREVER!
After you called today, Rocky took my phone and dialed my mom's number (just cause that's the one that he always calls) because he wasn't done talking to daddy.  He must have dialed her 3 or 4 times.  I'm not sure if he thought he was talking to you or not but he would call, my mom would answer and he would say HI DADDY!  he would have a whole conversation, hang up and whine that he wants "more daddy," and then call again.  I thought that was sweet.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 8

 Today was a big project day, we got lots done.  Rocky of course gravitated to grandpa, who had lots of tools out.
Miss Rose was an angel baby.  She spent a large portion of the day just laying down while we got lots done around her.  She can grab at her little toys and play with them now- it's like she's not even a new born any more. 
I heard you zip lined today- I bet that was awesome. Enjoy the night in the hostile- Love you Joe!
p.s. Rocky talked about you all night after you called

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 7

We went to Grandma's today!
Last time at the park Natalie said she would catch Rocky down at the bottom of the slide, this time Rocky offered, but when he saw how fast she came zooming down the metal slide he didn't keep his end of the bargain and scooted out of her way!
Papa Eric giving the kids a wagon ride
Rocky is showing off his strength for his cousin Natalie.
I decided to help push and Rocky pulled. 

My dad's been busy cleaning up Grandma's yard with all her citrus.  Joe I am not exaggerating that  my parents juiced 5 gallons of orange juice tonight and it is sitting in our freezer.  You have a lifetime supply :)
Rocky had a bad dream last night and came running down the hall into our room, I was all too eager to let him snuggle me all night since there seems to be some extra room in our bed. 
So it's the weekend for you, I don't know if you'll be able to find internet, I hope you do so you can see pictures of your cute kids.  I'm missing you and thinking about your adventures. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 6

We went to the splash pad at Westgate today. My mom and I joined Andy and the kiddos.  Rocky and Cameron played hard and had a great time.  I think my mom was wishing you were there cause when we went to the frozen yogurt store I didn't want any- so she didn't get any, but you two could have shared :)
Rocky wanted his diaper off the whole time, just wild and free.
He got squirted in the face numerous times, but you should have seen it, he was laughing so hard playing tag with the on-and-off fountain.
Is that a rain dance?  
I think he's floating!  I think his little body looks so strong... 
How cute are these little kids playing hide and seek?
Highlights of the day:
YOUR PHONE CALL!! feel free to do that any time:)
Dan asked for that Orzo recipe. so funny.
My mom bought me a crab salad sandwhich at Which Which. It was delicious!
Party hard with the nuns, and pass out lots of vitamins.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 5

 Joe, you would be amazed that I didn't have a birthday breakfast cereal, I actually wanted blueberry pancakes bad enough I made them myself, from scratch!  That is actually a first for me.  26 years of morning breakfast cereal...and I have never made home-made pancakes before. Yours are better, for sure, but can you tell in the picture they actually turned out circular, and perfect looking? Rocky ate a whole one.
We spent the day down at Rebecca's park.  Rocky was as curious as you can imagine.  He and Natalie played so cute, and he was also very friendly to baby Kyle.  Our little Rosie just slept on her mama.

Isn't this a funny picture?  He's eating an apple, with a cookie in his hand, sitting in a very awkward position...
After lunch when Grandma opened the bag of cookies Natalie was back and forth between the cookie bag one for her and one for Rocky, every time!
 You know how Rocky never really loves to go down slides?  Well Natalie did a good  job of coaxing him down.  She actually stood there and told him, "Come on Rocky, you can do it! I'll catch you!"

He crashed hard on the drive home.
My parents took me out to eat at our favorite, Olive Garden, for an early dinner.  Rocky played at Ben's, so we were all happy.  Rosy slept the whole time Joe.  Can you even imagine that?  Taking a child to a restaurant and having a peaceful experience?  Well it's possible.  When the salad came out my mom, dad, and I all ate one of those hot peppers out of the salad just for you.  I'm not joking, my mom really took a bite just for you.
This was the first time my age was more that the amount of candles in the box! Yikes!  What an inferno!
This is us saying "Night night Daddy." 
Oh and guess what?  The words I have been waiting for since Rocky started talking came out crystal clear tonight over cake, he said, "I love mama." and then rested his head right on me...Happy Birthday to me!
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 4

Talk about a sugar high... I got to take the night off thanks to Grandma- and go shopping with Andy. (Kaylee was sorely missed)  I guess Rocky and Grandma were sneaky sneaks and made my birthday cake while I was gone.  You know that's Grandma he's baking with cause he's actually wearing a bib.  I see so much of you in him in this picture...can't put my finger on exactly why... 
Nightly ritual: Choo Choo puzzle.  He's getting so good.  He also got a new Choo Choo puzzle at wal-mart that he loves mixing pieces with the old one.

High lights of the day:
Rosalie. She's just so good.  Such a content little girl Joe. 
Rocky escaped from me at Chik-fil-a.  Thankfully a good samaritan stopped him before he got to the drive thru.  If you find a fashionable leash out there in Guatemala that would be a perfect souvenir for our boy.
Seeing the blog comment from you- now I know you are reading this. Love you.

Day 3

Has it really only been 3 days?  Feels like a lot more... Before Joe left Rocky got hooked on his IPOD games.  He got really good and could sit forever playing anything on it.  He started going through withdrawls so I introduced him to the computer and looked up train games online.  He LOVES doing that now too.  The funny thing is, he wants to direct the game pieces like a touch screen on our computer.  He hasn't quite caught on to maneuvering the mouse and clicking.  On Sunday we went over to my Uncle Richard's house and Rocky found his niche with the big boys playing wii.  Ok, he wasn't  really playing, he happened to swipe a controller when someone walked away... but the important thing is, he thought he was playing.  I think I have a little media man on my hands.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 2

 Rebecca, Natalie, and Kyle came to play on this rainy day! Kyle is such a wiggle worm- and such a cutie. 
Rocky and Natalie were into wrestling Grandma, here's a picture of Rocky jumping on the doggy-pile.  Rock was so happy to have Natalie over he just kept hugging her and then ran around the house tickling people. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 1

Joe is in Guatemala for the next 17 days doing a medical mission through the school.  Although I am so glad he gets to have this experience, (and a little jealous I'm not out there too) the kids and I are going to be MISSING him!  Joe- babe, if you're out there somewhere in the jungle and find internet... here is day one without you:
The kids both had dr appointments today, Rosy is 23.25 in long which puts her in the 90% range.  Go baby! she's 11lbs, 75% and 15.5 in head, also 75%.  She does NOT like needles.  She has been so upset today, but loves taking her tylenol.   
Here's a story you're going to love.  Rocky crashed out at 4:30 today- We sat down for dinner, said a prayer, and his eyes never opened again! BUT, this is the best part, he was still eating his cheetos in his sleep! haha.  I really wish you could have seen that.  It made my day!
Here's me rescuing him from his tiredness.  To be honest, I don't look that much more awake...
Funny evening.  His stats from the Dr. are of course, his noggin is above average still. 20.5 in head. weight is 34in at 97% again, and 35.5 in tall.  90%.  you've got healthy, beautiful, growing kids.
If you were home I would want to tell you that miss Cameron made a special Valentine just for you, it has a frog on it and there is a tattoo waiting for you as well.
Also, you would have laughed at me when I used up the rest of the blueberry pancake batter for lunch, I put the 2 pancakes on the griddle too close together so they joined as one big pancake. I ended up flipping them as about 4 separate very ugly looking pancakes, and then when it came time to eat, and Rosy was hungry too, I just piled them up on the plate in many broken pieces, globbed the butter and syrup unceremoniously and ate with my fingers to speed up the feeding process... I KNEW you would shake your head.  I asked myself, where's Joe when you need him to make a perfect pancake?

Rocky and Rosy

Rosalie Wynn had her special blessing day last Sunday.  Due to camera difficulties I did not get as many good pictures as I wanted so I will have to post more after I re-create her cuteness on that day.
These other pictures were just taken just because.
 She's just so cute!
Rocky found his new favorite park- Since our fist post of the Train park with Cameron, we have been back twice.  

Rocky's cousin Gavin (looking very serious with his train ticket, I don't think he was going to let anyone take that from him) came to celebrate Rosalie's blessing.

Rocky's buddy Ben had his birthday party at that park too!  How cute are all these kids with their own personal conductor hats?! 

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