Thursday, September 13, 2012


Every two years the Daines family meets at the Franciscan Lakeside Lodge located on the beautiful shores of Lake Tahoe.  From Illinois, Arizona, Utah, and a large sampling from California I think the grand total this year was 65 family members!  Pretty amazing feat, then again the Daines Gang is one pretty amazing group. 
Pictured above: Collin and Rosy- an impromptu cousin hand hold. love it.

The beach was a daily, sunny, sandy, crawdaddyliscious event. 

Cousins, couldn't pick 'em any better!

My kiddos are such early risers- as the sun rose we'd pick up Abby and Grandma Jeanne from their cabin for a brisk morning walk to the shore.

She is definitely the diva this picture makes her out to be.

Grandma Jeanne, and boots.

She is one cute little thing.
And no, I didn't coordinate her suit and the seats of the rowboat, but how perfect?!

Rocky owned the beach.  He was so "at home" at the beach.  If it weren't for the risk of sun exposure, he probably could have played with his sand and buckets and water from sun-up to sun-down. 

We brought a little tent to set up on the beach and this little outdoorsman knew how to take down the tent from start to finish.  He's got instinct.

One of the funnest events, new this year, was a Fancy Nancy party.  If you've ever read the children's books- Fancy Nancy, they're darling.  Our party was put on by none other than our very own Fancy Nancy!  We're lucky enough to have one in the family.
And here she is!

All the little girls were invited, and encouraged to dress their fanciest.

These boots were just made for her, (and for walking, hehe).

By the time we left the party this girl was bedazzled!

We can't forget to credit Fancy Nancy's wonderful helpers!
Meanwhile, the boys were having a party of their own that Grandpa Daines came out to supervise.  He's the man that makes all this possible. (One of my favorite pics of the week, my grandpa and my dad).

Aunt Susan put on a Superhero party- which must have been a success because Rocky still treasures the superhero book, superhero socks, and giant bouncy ball, a.k.a. his superhero bouncy ball from his prize bag!
Did I mention he got a cape?

Comic book kids. ( I have always wanted to use the comic book photo feature in Picasa, and I had a perfect reason to!)

Rosy also treasures her gift bag treasures, including these cool shades.

Bubbles and cousins- fun combo.

This requires an explanation.  What you are looking at is a tuft of bear hair on the side of a dumpster.  Bear, as in an actual bear and not our dog bear.  The dumpster is located within the parking lot of our cabins.  Most nights this big guy was spotted, although much to Joe's disapointment he never got to see it.  However the bear did bunk down for the evening at my parents cabin in the middle of the night.  My poor neice Abigail woke to the sound of a bear and saw him lumbering towards her, since she was sleeping near the front window!  I probably would have mistook it for a nightmare.  My theory is that the bear heard my parents were making pancakes every morning for the grandkids and was only getting an early spot in line.  My mom was making friends with the bear- I wasn't there but from the stories I heard imagine Dory in Finding Nemo talking to the whales, except substitute whale talk for bear talk, and Dory for my mom.  My dad was having none of that, knowing his grandkids were coming over early for breakfast- he literally poked and prodded the bear out from under the patio in the middle of the night until the bear ran away!  WOW.

Muddy Bear Paws

These twins shot bow and arrow with us, after staying up late the night before painting the very arrow they are holding now!  They did an awesome job, both painting and shooting.

Professional instruction.

Abigail is a natural and shot a dead bulls eye. 
No wonder the Bear didn't come back that night.
Notice the bow looks to be twice her size, that is not an optical illusion :)

Perfect form Sidney!

Rocky taking in the construction scene.  There were some very Mighty Machines working in the lot next door.

These sisters might as well be twins... much like their mommy and I used to be mistaken for twins at the swimming pool when we were little.   I caught up height-wise to my sister Lizzy in kindergarten and we got asked that all the time.  I love that she dresses her girls like twinners. 

This is the official crawdad whole.  Joe spent much of his time hunting for the kiddos.

Mom never shirks and adventure.  She's trying out the paddle board that was really really fun.


Rosy tried standing up on it, but felt much more comfortable with a lower center of gravity, and much closer to dad.


Every night, on the last night we all get an award that we have some how earned throught the week.  As a kid (I think the first time we all met in Lake Tahoe I was less than 10 years old) I can remember getting awarded "Best Crawdad Sand Castle Engineer" and the "Tippy Canoe" award for an unfortunate canoe- tipping expereince.  This year I was proudly bestowed with the "Katniss Everdeen" award for bringing the bow up!  Rocky got the "Silent Man" award, because despite his excitement and enjoyment the whole week long, didn't say much to those who were not less than 10 years old.  Rosy got the "Ooh La La" award for being so stinkin cute in her Fancy Nancy party clothes.  And lastly, Joe got the "Gerona-Joe" award (get it? like Geronimo) as a reference to his bow and arrow skill.