Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trouble...and she's not even Two!

Our Rosy girl developed a personality, it seems like overnight.  Maybe it's just the age, but it seems like everytime we turn around she's into something she shouldn't.  She's so cute about it, it's hard to stay mad for long.
She got into grandma's makeup and ate her lipstick.  and fingerpainted her face.

Rosy gets no blame for this, Grandma let her help with dishes.

That's not chocolate in her mouth, she loves to eat mud.

Why it's a struggle to get my Rosy to eat a meal, but she loves to help herself to fistfulls of dirt...I have no idea.
She is pretty cute though.

We also recently celebrated Grandma's B-day.  We won't mention how old she is, just how young she is at heart and how much the grandkids all love her!

Two things about this picture. 1- Rocky is eating the frosting with his finger. typical. 2- Joe's look in the background. Is it approval or disaproval?

That's a good Grandma picture!

It's hard to spot which one is Grandma, she fits in so well with the kiddos!
We had a glimpse of summer for a few days, and Rocky has officially moved out-doors.
We put a garden together while the weather was beautiful.  It's our first one and we are all excited. Rocky runs out to look at our garden every morning after breakfast.  He thinks our garden is growing really well, but truthfully it's just grass and weeds that have sprung up so far...We should see some real vegetables (hopefully) soon.

Rocky mans the hose. Everyday.

There she is with the mud again.

Rocky is a very attentive brother and tries to help Rosy stay clean.

There she is tasting the mud again, even though she has a melting popcicle in her hand.

Rocky is trying to clean her, again.

She's a good little gardener though.

If you've seen Gnomeo and Juliet then you may find humor in this photo.  She's my little lawn mower racer.
 Grandpa Weatherspoon has a ride on lawn mower so she thinks all lawnmowers should be sat on. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rainy Days

Emily, Rocky's cousin from North Carolina is here to visit!
Yesterday it rained, but for some reason the girls still wanted to play outside.  Rocky went out for a minute but decided it was too cold and wet.  They were so cute ( and there were so many picture opportunities) I couldn't bring myself to call them back in.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The kids and I went down to Utah for Easter weekend.  We got to visit Lizzy and her fun family, plus my mom and dad were coming the same weekend for my cousin Ashley's wedding.  What a weekend!  (If you happen to notice a little paper boy in some of the pictures I will explain in greater detail in a further post- but we are helping my nephew Brandon with a book report...)

We were lucky enough to catch a snow storm on the first morning we were there. The kids woke up almost as excited as if it were Christmas!
My mom and I were so excited we went for a jog in the snow.  California girls at heart I guess. Snow will probably always excite us.

Pearl and Rosy.

My dad, me, and Grandma Joyce.  3 Generations right there. It was a full weekend with so much family because of the wedding. I was lucky enough to sit with Grandma and her sister, (who are such a pair!) and my dad at the wedding dinner the night before. Delicious, and fabulous memories.

We held an Easter egg hunt on Saturday.  Rocky was so funny.  He would open every egg before putting them in his basket, inspect the candy, drop it in the basket, and leave the egg behind for someone else.  This slowed him down considerably compared to his cousins who knew exactly what to do.


Look at these Easter kids!

Love her.

My grandma once got on a trampoline with some of the grandkids at our traditional Tahoe reunions.  It brought back some fun memories to see my mom on the trampoline with the kids.

My cousin Ashley! (and flat Brandon) I grew up with this gal at the Willyerd reunions down in AZ.  I can't say enough about this cousin of mine.  I remember having sleepovers at her house when I was little, swimming in Grandma's pool, and making lots of memories.  

The reception had a playground near the venue! Convenient.

Bubble favors went over pretty well with Rosalie.

Rocky boy was a ball of sunshine Easter morning.
Rosy took a little longer to wake up.

Some people like to devour their chocolates bunnies feet first...

Others, the bunny ears are the first to go.
Pure joy, mini egg cartons of gum!  Those were a hit when Lizzy and I were little. Rocky's excitement was not a disappointment.

Easter Sunday, the kids were so sweet looking.

Pearl, thanks for trying to contain Rosy.

Rosy and her mama.