Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Desert Botanical Gardens

We had the chance to go with friends to the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens yesterday. We all agreed that the AZ desert is an absolutely beautiful place to be, definately more so than any of us anticipated before we moved out here. In my opinion cactus plants (that is probably incorrect grammar- Nuckles help me out...) have more personality than any other plants I know.

Behind us this cactus is acting like a vine growing up and over the tree.
Here is a challenge: which one of these pictures actually is a snake?
If you guessed #2, you are correct! We actually saw 2 snakes, unfortunately our friend the black and white striped King snake didn't get photographed. He scared the 'uh' out of me. I think he was as fat as a loaf of french bread and easily 5 ft long.
That Rocky boy looks a little peeved at mom for stopping to take a picture in the sun. We started out early to try and beat the strong heat, but it warmed up fast on us!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Goldwater Lake, Prescott, AZ

On Friday Joe had no school- yeah!! So we escaped the heat for the day and went to Prescott. For all of you not living in Phoenix right now go ahead and laugh because I actually got goosebumps when the breeze kicked up in 80 degrees. Goldwater Lake was such a beautiful getaway- It reminded me of a very miniature(only 55acres) Lake Tahoe- with crawdads and all!
I don't know why but this picture cracks me up, Rocky looks so serious about his bag of Doritos.

What a messy face. Doritos and dirt.
There was a hiking trail around the lake- loved that.

Unfortunately our raft had an unknown leak. We pushed off from the shore... and started to sink. haha. Despite that we still had a great day, although it would have been nice to go out in the water!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Andy Shout Out

Happy Birthday Andy!
A girl after my own heart- Andy rang in the big 25 with a cereal party. Ever since I was little I could have cereal for all 3 meals in a day, truthfully, sometimes I do. Everyone brought their favorite cereal to share. We had an abundance.
One of Joe's famous cakes... a delicous carrot cake for our health conscious friends, The Nuckles. Does anyone else think that writing, 'ANDY' looks exactly like the Toy Story writing on the bottom of Woody's foot?
On a side note, Rockwell's big accomplishment these days is putting his shoes on by himself! Now, he doesn't get it right everytime, but he attempts it numerous times throughout the day. Here I captured him making the attempt on his back on the middle of the kitchen floor. Sometimes he practices his balance and tries it standing. Very advanced... That actually doesn't ever turn out but I like to see him try.

"I love my yellow crocs and I don't know why!"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Camping in Bryce Canyon

During Joe's break from school Joe, Rocky, and I, along with my Dad, met Lizzy, Greg, Pearl, and Ramona, and Joe's sister Ashley in Bryce Canyon. Nothing short from having a marvelous time around the campfire, miraculous beauty found on the hikes, IT WAS COLD!!!!

We are so glad Papa Eric brought his big truck.
Hike #1- Mossy Caves- Dad and Lizzy and Miss Mona.
Oh, I forgot to mention we brought the dog.
I loved this little stream. I have never seen a whitish color or water against such red rock.
Our destination: Mossy Caves

Hike #2- Queen's Garden

Dont' laugh. Dollar store sunglasses and camping attire is allowed.
So stylish and cute, even wile camping. unbelievable.

Fortnuately we were headed DOWN this.
That little bundle behind Joe fell asleep.
Me 'n mah daaad.

Squishing in to capture the natural rock bridges behind us.
Pretty soon all 3 babies were sleeping. By the way, Lizzy won the tough girl award on that hike. She carried Pearl in the back pack who is literaly half her size. Apparantly carrying Mona in the other carrier was extremely uncomfortable last hike so she voted for the bigger load in the more comfortable carrier. WOO HOO Lizzy!

A much needed rest.

Such an incredible hike. I could have taken a picture around every corner. My dad seriously did.

Boo hoo, saying goodbye.

On the drive home my dad knew a not so well known slot canyon hike- but apparantly this hike is published in all the German and French Hiking and Touring Utah reference books. So glad we stopped.
Slot Canyons have got to be my favorite hikes I have ever done.

Rocky got a break from the backpack and is walking his dog. ha ha.
Pretty adventurous for a pregnant lady huh? whoops, did that slip out at such a random time? 12 weeks along, very exciting!
How sweet is that?

Grandma's Big Suprise

Grandma Joyce turned 86 recently and we got her soooo good. We planned a BIG suprise party, and by big I mean 60 something guests came to suprise her!
On the way over Rocky was making me laugh, I couldn't stop taking pictures.

She even got a homemade cake with chocolate dipped strawberries on top!
The place was packed and decorated to the nines! So much fun!
Rocky found an old gummy worm in his car seat on the way home, and was being cute again... so I had to take some more pictures.