Sunday, March 21, 2010

North Carolina

We went to North Carolina to celebrate Ross and Rachel getting married at the beginning of the month- and somehow I didn't come home with any pictures of the wedding!! If I can snag some shots from others who were better about taking pictures I will post them later. We spent 2 whole weeks there and had the BEST time playing with cousins. Rocky and Gavin were especially fun to watch. They definately had a love hate relationship.

There was snow the first couple of days there, which was a lot fun for us. Rocky also had a love hate relationship with the snow. He hated when he fell down in it, or got it on his hands, but he hated it more being inside...

It was the stickiest snow I have ever seen. Rocky couldn't take 2 steps before so much snow had accumulated on his boots that he would fall over.

We also had a lot of good weather too. Rocky played outside as often as he could.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A trip to Tucson

After a reallllly long quarter we were able to go down to Oro Valley/Tucson for a 2 day getaway with the Nuckles. We had sunshine, good hikes, good food, and good company!

Rocky forded this wash at least 20 times.

Someone's got to taste test the sand.

This trail takes you around an ancient Hohokam village. Joe and Rocky are playing in the village ball field.

Cameron and Rocky caught on camera :)