Friday, January 30, 2009

His Favorite Outfits!

Rockwell has a few favorite outfits. This one is of him as a bear practicing his roar for mommy, we are hoping when he gets a little bit older to get him a Sasquatch outfit so he can run around in the mountains and scare people.

This is his first carnival mask (thanks to my brother Ross). Rocky likes it because its red, white, and blue. This way he can be patriotic, mysterious, and a bit scary at the same time.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Daddy's Little Man

Rock loves his daddy, especially sleeping with him.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The much anticipated arrival of Rockwell Warren Weatherspoon!!

Lil'Rock came into this world on Tuesday January 2oth at 4:56 p.m. He weighed 8 pounds 11 ounces and was 21 and a half inches long. His noggin was 14 and a half inches, and luckily he gets his good looks from his mom, but we can already see the beginnings of the Weatherspoon brow coming so watch out Rocky.

He is such a sweet baby and masculine too, he managed to flex for his Mama on his fathers command. So far he loves to eat..., sleep, eat some more, take naps between mom and dad, imitate puppy dogs... in his sleep of course. He is quite the party animal too, and likes to take good naps during the day so he can party all night with mom and sometimes dad (I sleep like a... rock... and can't always be held accountable for my weird night tactics, although it's easy to see where Rock got his puppy dog imitations from, sometimes I imitate growling dogs on rabies at night...hopefully rock will just stick with the puppies). Rock was even nice enough to act as my alarm clock this morning at 3:45 and stayed up with me to help me study for a test that I had in pharmaceutics at 8:00. Sarah actually enjoyed the birthing process (thanks to the epidural that she was able to sport all day) but she is beginning to hate the recovery. We will have more pictures to come...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We went in yesterday to get an ultrasound on ol Rock and get an estimate on his size. Right now he is measuring a good 8 lbs 7 ounces and he still has two weeks to go. Even though he still has two weeks to go, by his body language I think he is trying to tell us something.
That's him giving us the thumbs up! Me and my brother Ross are familiar with this rudimentary language, and he is saying he is "Locked cocked ready to rock jock," or in other words he's "done" and ready to come out. The ultrasound tech was amazed at the size of his belly and even pointed out his large fatty thighs and a few fatty neck rolls indicating that he has prepared himself for the cold Arizona winter... and is just getting really bored and maybe a little lazy inside of Sarah.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas and New Years!

Here is the Annual 'Pajama Line up' pose for the Weatherspoons. It is an old family tradition that started with my grandparents- every year you line up and take a family picture (usually in pajamas) on Christmas morning. The childhood pajama lineups are priceless- somehow I am always crying in them. Not this year! (this is Sarah narrating, not Joe by the way) You might be thinking we have some pretty fancy pajamas- but the truth is we didn't take this picture on Christmas morning in our jammies... My big gift from Joe this year was suprise tickets to go see a dinner theatre showing of A Christmas Carol! So so fun- thanks Joe!
Rock hit the jackpot this year with gifts, and he isn't even here yet! Joe's parent's are so fun- they sent a huge package for Christmas- everything you see pictured is gifts for Rock! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Weatherspoon! If you look in the midst of the presents you might just see ol' Saint Nick with his hand on the remote control- Joe likes to make sure Santa has the remote in case he gets bored.Christmas Eve was so fun- Grandma Joyce put on a great party! We ate a scrumptious delicious turkey dinner- with gold 'silver' ware. Joe and I had our first taste of Christmas pudding- what a treat! When grandma found out there was people who had never eaten Christmas pudding, or seen the flaming sugar cubes she put on a show! Too bad the pictures didn't show it, but that pudding cake was on fire!What a cutie Natalie! We were also lucky enough to spend Christmas eve with Rebecca, Trent, and Natalie. The only thing missing was Grandpa to recite the Night Before Christmas by heart- but Crystal read it for all of us. I hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas too!
Joe and Jon got fancy gold invitations from their wives for another feast during their school break. Ham cooked in a cinnamon, coriander, and some sort of pardamom? pod with a cranberry glaze, Garlic mashed potatoes with a mushroom and sundried tomato cream gravy, an avacado lettuce salad, fruit kabobs, garlic french bread, sparkling cider and rocky road brownies for dessert! whew.. I started salivating again. If Andy and I look a little glossy it can be that we are glowing with pride for how the meal turned out (and how much we love our hubbies..) or because the oven was so dang hot it practically melted the mascara off our eyelashes. Either way, thanks for the recipes Andy- and what a suprising success that night was! NEW YEARS!!! We got together for a Newly Wed, Battle of the Sexes, Rock Band, Karaoke Game night at Kade and Kaylee's- can you even begin to imagine that much fun under one roof in one night? Believe it. That is Joe's Johnny Cash look. OW! We are going to picture me a little bit smaller- I just dont want to detract from Joe's previous picture... That could be me Karaoke-dancing to Travis Tritt, Jackson 5, or Duffy, It's all a little hazy.