Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer, so far

This summer we have spent most of our spare time in the water it seems like! That works out well since it has been one HOT dry summer in Idaho. 
Joe is christening our new paddle board with Mtn Dew. Now it truly belongs to the Weatherspoons. 
This reservoir is called Manns Creek and we have been 3 times so far. 
I love this picture of Rosy on top of her daddy!
Bully Creek is the name of another reservoir nearby. 

Lake Lowell was our favorite since it had a great sandy beach for the kids. 

We have been swimming at a friends house,
And the kids ask on a daily basis if they can go play in the water at grandma and grandpas house. 
Water activities of a different kind on our only rainy day...
On one of Joe's days off we had a great day hiking up to a small waterfall called Jump Creek. We went last year but it was too cold to swim in it- we picked a good day for it this year! 

Bo was a great hiker, he's so easy to bring anywhere!
Our most recent water activity was this weekend, at Cascade Lake, ID. We brought our paddle board on a ward youth campout. It was our first campout of the year and Bo's first time ever. He of course, was great out there. 
This was the view from our campsite. It was beautiful. I love watching the kids play and run with as much freedom as camping allows. 

Besides the water we have done a few other things this summer such as; a fun date night shooting,
Joe and the kids hunt for our 'pet' snake that lives in our front yard on a regular basis. 
We've spent lots of time at the parks,
Rosy helps grandpa keep the flowers beautiful each time we go over to their house,
Morning family workouts in the garage- rocky and rosy really get into it!
We sheltered 2 cute abandoned pups for a couple weeks until joe found them good homes. Each time you walked out the back door you would get bombarded by puppy love- which believe it or not gets old. Rocky started calling them "you little dangits!" I think he was catching on to my vocabulary. 
The kids and I celebrated the 4th of July in our friends pool, which was great since joe worked all day. Rocky discovered that a life jacket, floaties, and a shark fin makes it possible to float! He's been a little wary of venturing off the steps but he found his courage on the 4th! 
We met dad after work at grandma and grandpas to set off our own fireworks which rocky and rosy both loved. 
Rocky: "that. was. AWESOME!!!"
Rosy: "did you hear that boom!? I did!! I LOVE fireworks mama!"
We were a little too excited to wait until it was dark out!
We also blessed our sweet baby Bo.