Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Stop, UTAH

We skipped our campout at the Grand Canyon due to rainy weather. It was 100 degrees everyday in May until we left and then it rained all day on the drive. It was a hard choice not to initiate Rock into his first camping trip, but raining and camping just don't mix.

We stopped in Beaver on the way up for gas and Dairy Queen. Who can resist sitting in a giant rocking chair at the Beaver Chevron?

Our disapointment didn't last long when we arrived at Lizzy and Greg's place that night. They had a bonfire going in their fire pit, so it was almost like camping. The little ones were so cute together!

This is a very typical Ramona look.

Rocky is only 2 months older than Ramona

Lots of COUSINS!!

Does everyone have cousins in the bathtub pictures or is that just our family?

While we were in Utah we spent some time with the Doermann's (Lizzy's in-laws). We surprised Alayne on her birthday. It worked out perfect that she wanted tin-foil dinners since Joe and I had our leftover camping dinners from our missed campout in the Grand Canyon. So we got to do another bonfire!

Rock is drooling with anticipation for campfire dinners.

Mmmmm, Cheetos...

We hiked Stewart Falls with Ashley- I thought it was the perfect time of year for it- everything was green and just beautiful.

The hike tuckered out the little guy, even though Dad did all the work!

See ya AZ Summer!

Some of you might know, Joe and I, (and Rock) have the opprotunity to do Joe's first summer rotations for Pharmacy school in Oregon and Chicago. We are really excited for lots of reasons. One, we get to miss the hot AZ summer! Another, we are traveling through appx. 26 states (if all goes according to plan- we might have to accomodate our little guy). We also get to see ALL of our brothers and sisters and both of our parents on this long Summer roadtrip. First, we got to see and say goodbye to Rebecca, Trent, and Natalie.

Natalie is really going to miss her cousin Rockwell!