Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun Days

Rocky is truly passionate about TRAINS lately. When he says goodnight to mommy, daddy, baby, he doesn't forget to say goodnight to his Choo choo. I took him to a train park in Scottsdale- he was heaven!

Did anyone else ever get their fingers pinched in these rolly slides? Loved 'em but hated them growing up...

That is how a lady rides a slide.

Rocky wants to make sure he doesn't miss the start of the train ride, he couldn't even pause for the picutre.

Wouldn't have been a complete day without our pals!
You wouldn't have known it by this picture but he really had a good time...
Rocky helped me rake up the leaves this morning, in his diaper.  Although by the end of our morning chores he didn't even have that on anymore...
Nothing like a boy and his dog.  Rocky looks pretty happy here but right after I snapped this shot Bear went nutso and ran all over Rocky.  I think Rockwell was ready to disown his doggy.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rocky road, Rocket, Rockstar, Rocky-well, my little Rock.

Just 2 hours before this photo was taken our Rocky was the sickest I've ever seen.  Fever, vomit, lethargy, whining, crying. We canceled his 2 year birthday party for the next day (which was a big bummer since Joe just finished this custom made Oreo cake for our little cookie monster.)  Anyway, Rocky has a powerful immune system or something cause 2 hours later he was running around the house like his normal self and ready for cookies!!
We still had the party... Joe and Rocky have been having a good time practicing blowing out candles to get him ready for the big day. 
 I think all the practicing with candles helped improve his attitude about birthdays from the previous year.
How in the world can they grow up that fast?
This is my favorite face.

Kinda gives me a Mulan vibe...know what I mean with the shadow?

Look at that perfect Dukes of Hazard hair.

I think that dreamy far off look is him hoping for his very own 1969 General Lee to drive around.   Someday my son. someday.

 Favorite things about Rocky:
He yells, "SEE YA" as I put him to bed for naps and at night when I walk out the door.
He kisses his sister ALL the time.
The first thing he says no matter what, when he walks in the door if he's gone some where with dad is, "Mom-mom?!!"
The only game he ever wants to play or Family Home Evening is Ring Around the Rosie.
His deep voice
His goofy laugh
How he stares you straight in the eye with the blankest look when he gets in trouble.
The way he struts. Joe and I call it his 'confident walk'
How he talks to himself when he plays toys- mostly all you hear is 'baby this- or baby that'
Parents are supposed to think their kid is the greatest- and we are no exception. Joe and I get the biggest kick out of Rocky.  We think he is the dang cutest thang. I love his hair, and his big boy frame. I also love that he's got a sweet personality ie: he apologizes to others when they run into him. Happy Birthday Rockwell.  Thanks for all the happy days.

Monday, January 10, 2011

By the Way...

I came across some more holiday photos on my camera. 
Do you remember as a kid enjoying the box more than the presents usually?

Natalie and Rocky working as a team to snag treats off of the ginger bread houses.  Those two...they are so cute when they get together, like having twins in the house.

Rocky's best bud gave him a matching Tonka truck dump truck for Christmas so they can go crazy around the neighborhood together.  I love how multi-purpose they are, a dumptruck and rock collector one minute, and a comfy seat for watching cartoons the next!

Rocky didn't want to let go of any of his Christmas presents, what a funny boy. 

Let me just tell you this Rocky boy is so into loving his baby sister.  I always find little presents he has heft her in her crib, like his most prized possesions.  His Incredible Hulk tooth brush, or he has a puzzle he likes to work on that has different action heros.  He named each action hero a member of the family, and the tiniest one is named 'baby'- i found the two puzzle pieces that make her in the crib the other day too.  I have been trying and trying to get Rocky to say 'I love you', and he just wont say it.  In fact when I first started I would whisper "I love you," to him, and he would whipser back, "I dont want it.." nice.  Anyway, last night as Joe was taking Rocky to bed, he said, "Night baby, love you." And that right there made it all worth it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Our little Rosy girl got a few more pictures taken of her.  I brushed up the first two pictures and LOVE how she looks in them!

Thank you Kaylee for the darling little tutu and lovely hair bows!
She looks so much like Rocky to me without the hair bow embellishments...

Andy and Jon- thanks again for taking pictures on one crazy night! And just in case anyone was wondering, having 2 kids is a lot busier than just one...