Monday, January 28, 2013


 I finished my last class to earn my Bachelor's degree this month, and even got the celebratory flowers to prove it!  There's nothing that makes a lady feel more special than a flower delivery to her door.  Andy, Kaylee, you two are the best- seriously.

I can remember starting classes when Rosy was a couple months old, and now she's 2!  I won't miss trying to submit assignments and doing online quizzes holding her, or wrestling Rocky off of me, and keeping toes from touching the keys, some of the situations online schooling creates are pretty humorous for a parent.  But now I have a degree in Sports and Recreation Management.  I spoke with my school adviser on the phone last week and he congratulated me, and then asked what I was going to do now... I said "Have a baby and be a mama!"  SO that's the plan for now, I'll keep you posted when that changes.
So lovely.  They even had purple fox glove, my favorite (also featured in my wedding day bouquet)!
Joe- who never lets me down when it comes to presents, celebration, and spoiling me in general- surprised me with tickets to the Philharmonic symphony!  We really had such a memorable night.  Our kids are still pretty used to having us around, and not big fans when we leave so Joe and I had a game plan- if they were both asleep by 7pm, we wouldn't be late for the show which started at 8pm, and was 50min away- and Grandpa wouldn't be a miserable babysitter trying to get our kids to sleep without us!  It was a tight schedule but if the kids didn't take naps we knew we could do it.  Well Rosy of course fell asleep in the car a mile from home that afternoon.  I did my very best to keep her awake, but in the end she won.  Regardless, she obliged me that night and fell asleep at 7:05pm with an extra bottle and lots of cuddles from mama!  The roads were bad, every parking spot was taken, and I walk like a slow pregnant lady in heels on an icy parking lot.  We were the last ones in and maybe a little late...BUT, I got to wear a fancy pants sequined shirt that my sister gave to me in October.  We both thought it would be fun to have a reason to wear it, and I'm glad I found one!  Speaking of the sequined shirt- I must have been sitting under the lights just right because when the music started Baby BO woke right up and didn't stop dancing around in my belly the entire time!  The sequins were a little blinding as my belly bumped around, I really wondered if it was a distraction to anyone sitting around us, or if it was only a funny distraction to me.  The symphony played music from the Ring- which Joe mistakenly thought was music from the Lord of the actually is an Opera that neither of us had heard of (shocking since we are both so cultured in the world of Opera).  Even if it wasn't Lord of the Rings, it was amazing, wonderful, and entertaining. The Ring as an opera is usually performed over a period of 4 nights because it is so long (a lot like this blog).  Our conductor had a great sense of humor and would give a fast forward synopsis of the story line between each musical number.  He was super funny and added a lot to the entertainment of the evening.  Joe and I both loved the first piece.  It was a funeral march for one of the main characters in the opera.  It sounds rather conceited to admit, but I would love someone to compose a funeral march for me when I die! haha. I really had that thought.  I think it would be the ultimate honor to have a marvelous piece of music composed and played at my funeral.  Weird, but true.  Some other observations that impressed Joe and I that evening was the conductor again.  I've never seen someone so animated conducting music as he was.  The music reflected his movements exactly- He literally danced up on his stand.  He reminded me of what I look like when I dance in the bathroom by myself, or sometimes in front of Joe.  No matter how ridiculous he looked, there was nothing ridiculous about it- because the honesty in his emotions added to the power of the music.  It's amazing how instruments can create emotion.  It's an impressive feat, one reason I do love music so much.  After the performance we HAD to make it an official date (it doesn't happen very often) and stop somewhere for dessert, which happened to be the grocery store bakery.  We each had our pick of a delightful treat and our restaurant booth was our new car!  Joe likes to humor me and make me believe we bought that car for me-because I graduated.  When truthfully it's because baby Bo will need a spot for his car seat in a couple months and we couldn't put it off any further.  But for the sake of the title of my post, we can say I also got a 2011 Chevy Traverse for my graduation gift!  Either way, this has been the longest post of my life, but I had to make it official and blog about being done with school.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Rocky had 3 official B'day celebrations this year.  He's such a fun boy to party with because he can get so excited! What a fun, full week we've had.  I think I'm ready to hibernate until Bo is ready to come out.
First Celebration was a friend birthday party:
A Super Hero Bash 
I made super hero capes for Rocky's friends, and though I was tempted to make and wear my own, I didn't.  This is just evidence of Joe and I enjoying ourselves into the night getting ready for Rocky's first birthday party.

Rosy helped me pin them up in the front entrance.

Enter: The Bat Cave!

Choose your favorite super hero to color!

Joe's batman cake creation- When I showed Rocky his cake he said, "YES! That's exactly what I wanted mom!" - Good job Joe!

This is most of the group in their super hero capes. Sometimes 2, 3, and 4-year-olds can't be bothered to stop and take pictures for mom.  I totally understand.

Rocky's buddy brought his own hulk hands so Rocky had someone to "Hulk Smash" with.

Celebration #2 was in a little town called Albion.  Just as it turned cold and we could see snow on the mountains at home (November-ish) Rocky requested that we meet his cousins in the snow for his birthday so we could go sledding.  An awesome request, SO, we met my sister Lizzy and her fun girls in the middle between our two houses where they happened to have an old Bed and Breakfast.  Upon further investigation and a fun conversation with my Grandma, we discovered that my Great- Grandmother Mary Elizabeth once attended college at this Bed and Breakfast in 1918 when it was a full blown Normal School (the name of a college for teachers learning to be teachers).  What are the odds of that?  I had NO idea prior to this that she had attended Normal School and it was Joe who actually found the B&B and made the arrangements for the weekend!  So that added to our excitement, and also explains the plethora of pictures- my mom and other sisters were really interested in seeing where Great-Grandmother Mary Elizabeth attended school, and where we would be vacationing!
 First, here's the tour:
This is the Bed and Breakfast Entrance.  If you squint hard enough you can see Rosy sitting on the steps.

Ring the bell for service.

The campus was covered in amazing trees like this.

Rocky and Mona making snow tracks in front of the Bed and Breakfast.
There happens to be a lot of buildings on the campus- this one is another Bed and Breakfast that specializes in large group gatherings.  Anyone up for a Willyerd Family reunion in Idaho?
I especially can't wait to go back in the fall where they turn one of the buildings into a haunted house.  Can you spot the spook in the window?
This is a water fountain- Lizzy and I couldn't help but wonder if Mary Elizabeth ever stopped here to get a drink between classes! haha.
More buildings.  Lizzy walked out in the middle of that field for you mom.

Our little family stayed in the "Geology Room"- each room had a slight theme to it.  It had lots of maps like this that were originals to the school.  The owner found them in the basement boarding up the windows.  We all slept really cozy in the room under all the covers, but when we woke up in the morning it was -6 degrees outside!  It made for a drafty old building and our room registered 45 degrees inside!  Our space heater couldn't keep the chill out...    

The bathroom we all shared down the end of the hall.

A hallway of books.  (That seemed like a redundant comment). 

There was a library room that had shelves and shelves of original books to the school.

An old set of ice skates- I could totally see how they would get their use in Albion!
When we first got there we had a couple hours of daylight left, so the kids are making modified snow angels since they didn't have their beannies or mittens on.

Rosy didn't wear gloves the entire trip.  I could hardly talk her into wearing a jacket.  

This little Maxine stole everyone's heart.  I've never met a more content baby.  Bo- take after your cousin please!

We got in our cars and took a beautiful trip up the mountain towards the ski resort that is near Albion.

We found a sledding hill and got a few runs in before it got dark.  Rosy and pregnant mama were good buds and sledding duds.

Lizzy and her cute cute baby.  Beautiful mountain scenery huh?

Lizzy, your baby is bigger than you!  

This picture is documentation of the last sledding run of the day.  Joe, Greg, and Pearl, braved the slope.  If you squint you can see 2 little dots through the trees.  Greg's run went smoothly, but Joe and Pearl took off and before you know it they did a complete flip that landed them right side up.  Joe said he just held on to Pearl and it turned out to be an OK spill.  Pearl said, "We walked all the way up here for a dud!?" haha.  They were able to finish the run safely and successfully!

This handsome guy sure knows how to have a good time.

We made it back to the hotel to warm up and to have a cousin b'day party, complete with more super hero capes.  Maxine you are cute.

The Bed and Breakfast owner also happened to be a Baker by trade and offered to accommodate us with pizza that night!  

Auntie Lizzy made the most delicious Batman cupcakes for Rocky- by the time the candles were lit he had had enough practice- he knew just what to do.  I wasn't fast enough for a picture of them lit up!

That morning we gathered for a delicious French Toast breakfast.  

While we waited for the temperature to get warmer than -6 degrees the cousins had no problem entertaining themselves. 

Neither did the adults- I had a stroke of luck and beat Greg and Joe at three man pool.  

Once the afternoon rolled around and the sun was out it had warmed up to 30 degrees and we had THE FUNNEST time out on the campus.  The snow plows had conveniently piled up this perfect sledding hill for the kids and we spent hours out here.

I even braved the slopes :)

Pearl you pretty thing.

Snow Angels!

What are you doing?

OH, dad was having a teaching moment, I didn't realize...

Who knew you could spell your name in the snow with your tongue?

I think this must have been a huge snowman at one point.  

When we were all tuckered out we drove around the campus to see if we missed any sledding opportunities.  Joe had spotted this one when we first arrived the day before.  Our kids were done, and were happy to stay warm in the car and watch movies.  However Lizzy, Greg, and Joe were determined to take this slope all the way to the fence. 

Joe and Lizzy both touched the fence- 
Poor Greg only got a back full of snow!
Celebration #3:
On Rocky's real b'day he got measured on our Growth Chart- 42.5" tall, and oddly enough 42.5 lbs! haha.  

We had burritos after church and birthday cake with Auntie Ashley and Grandma and Grandpa Weatherspoon!  It was also, a fun and exciting celebration- but what else can you expect with Rocky?

My Favorite things about Rocky:
He eats about a burrito-a-day as long as he has 2 packets of taco bell mild sauce for dip.
He is so loving- He gives hugs and kisses everyday, and tells me all the time, "Mom, I just love everybody."
He is THE BEST big brother to Rosy and already loves Baby Bo, he gives him kisses every day.
His laugh is full blown, every time.
He gets a kick out of everything- he's such a happy boy.
He has a strong interest in numbers and figuring stuff out- like he learned how to tell time on a non-digital clock, so he can countdown to when Daddy comes home.  Also, he asks to check my weather app all the time so he can find out what temperature it is outside.  Now he doesn't only check our weather but he checks the temperature where all his family lives too.  

You thought I was all done with the updates! haha. No, there are still more pictures...
These are the January pictures we have taken so far enjoying the snow and enduring the cold cold winter so far:
I really didn't think Fruitland, Idaho got as cold as it has been.  But cold is an understatement for this month.
Rosy was the only poor baby that got the second round of flu this season.  She's admiring the winter wonderland with me.  Even though it has been cold, I cannot believe how beautiful I think the snow is.  It has surprised me how different each day can look depending on how the snow fell or what temperature it was when it snowed.  We live so close to the Snake River that often we wake up to thick thick fog, which just coats every bush and tree with ice, and later as it warms up a bit it looks like it's snowing as the trees behind our house drop the snow off their branches.

We made a legitimate snowman with a carrot nose and everything.  I call it our garden-gloved, bucket-headed snowman with sidewalk-chalk buttons.  Rocky shot an "arrow" into it's back with a stick and then kicked it over as we went inside.  

We also got the sand buckets out and made a "sand castle".  Rocky and I were missing Lake Tahoe as we made this.

Two houses down from us is an empty lot with a perfect sledding slope that Rocky and Dad will frequent as Daddy gets home from work.  This is the kind of good mood they usually come home in.

I have been wanting to get up close to the Snake River and see the ice chunks, since we cross over it every time we need to go to the grocery store, or visit dad, or grandma and grandpa.

Rocky was excited until about the 3rd picture, and then he was cold.

But it was really cool to see the ice flowing down the river.