Sunday, March 25, 2012


Monday morning started out as a crazy unexpected horrible morning.  My father-in-law had a massive heart attack, and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance all before 8:30am.  The rest of the week has gone as follows: despair,worry, concern, tears, support, prayers, waiting, blessings, relief, miracles, amazement, recovery.
Rocky found a snuggle spot on Aunt Ashley in the waiting room.
Joe and I are the only children of Warren and Margaret's that live near (currently near means not just the same state, but the same house!) The rest of the kids live 1785 miles away.  When they heard about their Dad, and that quadruple bypass surgery was needed, they were all there, the very next day. 
A pants-less Rosy getting acquainted with Uncle Aaron.  Without a change of clothes, she had to go without when they got soaking wet.  It was OK because her little skinny legs were cute to look at.
Rosy getting as close to a tornado as she hopefully ever will.
Waiting rooms only last so long with little ones.  We checked out a science discovery center not far from the hospital.  Warren had a 10-man posse when we were all at the hospital together, sometimes even being that far felt too far.  Sometimes being in the cafeteria felt too far. 

Joe was a little disappointed with the high prices.
A kid's size shopping center was the discovery center favorite.
The fact that Joe came with us was my favorite. The hospital has been his home this week.
Rocky went shopping for strictly, carrots and asparagus.  You would think he actually eats vegetables. But he doesn't.

Rosy wasn't as selective.  She cleaned the shelves off.

Home is one hour from the hospital Warren is staying.  There was a lot of driving back and forth.  If you've ever found yourself in a similar situation with a loved one, all you want to do is something.  Most of the time there is nothing that can be done.  SO you just be there. And that's what we did.
Joe has an uncanny ability to stack and organize our stuff.  We have done it so much this past year: our Glendale garage, the Nuckles garage,  my dad's truck, my parents front room, our garage in Albany, and now Warren and Margaret's garage... yet it never ceases to amaze me.
I am also due for a life update for Joe and I.  We have recently moved (again, and never again) to Ontario, Oregon.  Even before Warren's heart attack Joe and I both talked a lot about how we felt "led by the hand" to be here.  Joe has always wanted a hospital job, and we have always wanted to be near family, so when a Pharmacist position opened up at the hospital in Ontario Joe applied even though he had been at Target less than a year.  
Some of the miracles associated with the move, big and small:
The weekend of the interview was a weekend we were already planning on going to Warren and Margaret's to celebrate Rocky's bday.
Driving out there was a horrible snow storm.  I want to erase from my memory the road conditions that we were driving on... The Land Rover, which has given us nothing but problems since the day we bought it, performed perfectly.  
Our street and neighborhood flooded so bad back in Albany while we were gone it was shut down, there were even 2 fatalities due to the flooding only 2 blocks away. When we drove home, we would have never known there had been any problems.  The streets were clear.
The interview questions Joe and I practiced the morning of the job interview were the exact questions asked.
It had been 10 years since a Pharmacy position opened up at this hospital.
Joe got the position.
Margaret is in the process of getting licensed to run a care facility out of her home.  This means there is lots of space for Joe, the kids, and I to live with them while we settle in and while she prepares for clients.
This also means there are hand rails, accessible bathrooms, floors, and ramps at the house.  This may come in handy during the recovery.
Margaret is an excellent care giver.
The heart attack took place on Warren's day off of work.
15 min before Joe had to leave for work.
Joe was a certified EMT before Pharmacy school, and has enough medi  bcal background to know exactly what needed to be done.
Warren was taken in an ambulance to the same hospital Joe works at.
Ashley, who is a RN is able to stay and help for more than 2 weeks.
The entire family was able to come and support Warren and Margaret.
Rocky stopped in his tracks when he saw this mammoth.  He wouldn't get near it! 
The kids and I drove from Albany a couple hours before Joe got off work the day we moved.  I decided to stop at a museum to give the kids a break from the car, and to let Joe catch up.  The museum explained the history of that part of the Columbia River. It was incredible.  
The museum had amazing murals that led you through a simulation of what the docks and  downtown  of The Dalles, Oregon was like in the 1800's.
The kids have been so happy living with Warren and Margaret.

He emptied the toy box into the shower.  Classic Rocky pose.

Green pancakes on St. Patrick's Day leaves Rosy feeling skeptical.
This little cutie is waiting for big brother to take her on a bicycle ride.
Some major advantages of living in a handicap accessible house:
Hand rails make great monkey bars.  
Wheel chair ramps are perfect for sending Matchbox cars and Tonka trucks down.
Wheel chair accessible showers are huge tiled floors that easily fit two kids, and tons of bath toys.  

Rosy is attached to the quilt Grandma Jeanne made her, which encouraged Rocky to love the blanket I made him over a year ago.  He tells me every day that I made his blanket for him, and that he loves it.  Both of them carry them around everywhere.  My mom and I even made Rosy a little version of the quilt she has because it is heavy for her, and causes her to trip.  She still prefers the real thing.