Sunday, August 18, 2013

Our Summer Road Trip

This summer we had a most adventurous Road Trip!
If you want to plan a great trip- Joe is the perfect man for the job.  He had an itinerary for us with plan A's and B's knowing kids can sometimes add a little extra adventure to the adventure.  Also, since we're trying to train for our race in October he mapped out runs for us- even at our campsites!  I was so impressed and think the success of our trip was in large part to Joe!
DAY 1 was packed full- but one of the most memorial days of the trip for me. I have a huge fear of bears so going to Bear World was kind of a big deal for me. 

It's Rocky, Rosy, and Bo Bear! 

Rocky started out nervous like his mama- He told Rose: If you see a Bear just close your eyes... It was a major rule of the park to keep your windows up, understandably- but Joe put his down just a little crack and Rocky went ballistic until Joe sealed the crack as we entered bear territory! He always adds entertainment to our adventures.. 
Awesome petting zoo.

Have you ever pet a baby deer? 

Love Joe.

After Bear World we toured Rexburg- Joe and I hadn't been back since we met there 8 years ago! It looked a little different and sadly our favorite pizza place, Craigo's was closed down.  Plan B for lunch was Little Ceasars.  We ate at the park Joe and I played a memorable game of football in February 2005. Definitely there were sparks on the ice field that day. There's a lovely temple there now and I made Rocky get out and take pictures for me.  

He agreed as long as I took a picture of him jumping.

That afternoon we scored a perfect campsite.  The park host hand picked it for us- a huge shade tree, and the river in our backyard.  Someone had built up a rock wall in the river where it stopped the current and made a perfect little pool for the kids. Joe and I took turns going on what turned out to be our favorite run of the year- both different trails.  That night we endured the most powerful light show of lightning and thunder Joe and I had ever been in.  It was AMAZING.  Even more amazing was our boys, Rocky and Bo slept right through it, while Joe and I and terrified Rosy got our bones rattled.
In the morning I thought I would try out Joe's run and started up the trail.  I spotted bear droppings and got a little nervous.  I kept going up the trail and saw a huge bear paw print! I turned around right then and headed back to camp- I regretted not having my phone to take a picture of it, and that I couldn't finish the run, because we were truly in such beautiful country.
That morning we hiked Mesa Falls and were just astounded at it's beauty. Joe and I both said we could have stayed there all day. 

Joe looks a little protective, but I don't blame him, it was a pretty powerful waterfall!

Next we drove through Yellowstone, a first for Joe.  There were so many stops we wanted to make, but for the sake of not wearing out the kids we chose Old Faithful!

waiting and waiting for Old Faithful

Campsites A&B didn't work out, but I'm not complaining because Plan C landed us in the Grand Teton National Forest. I thought it was stunning.  We had a 2-hour-long adventure along the shore of a very low Jackson Lake. There were so many interesting Rocks, and mysterious sinking sand pits.

Unfortunately, the lake was a little mucky and rocky for good swimming- so although the kids were outfitted in floaties and lifejackets we actually never got in. 
DAY 3-5
We finally made it to Bear Lake, and during Raspberry days!
Mom, this picture is for you! Joe and I went down and bought 6 shakes the first day- we  kept them in the freezer and ate them all weekend.  Rocky wins the prize for most enthusiastic shake eater!

On Sunday we went to church- the most packed I've ever seen a ward building.  Elder Quintin L. Cook must have been vacationing in Bear Lake too, cause he was there and spoke the last few minutes about how he used to come to Bear Lake as a kid.  It made me think of mom! Lizzy and Greg had already returned home with Maxine the night before and left their 2 older kids with us- and Sacrament meeting went really good for Joe and I having 5 kids.  We drove out to Paris, ID to visit Great Grandma Collings house.

All these pictures are for you mom.  We had fun thinking about you!

Knock Knock- is anyone home?

Rosy asked, "But Where's Gma Jeanne?"

Joe engineered the biggest volcano and waterworks display with the kids!

Rocky learned how to skip rocks!


Me and my Guy

DAY 6-8
Once we got the kids back to Lizzy's house in Eagle Mountain Joe and I took off to celebrate our 8th Anniversary! He found the most marvelous Bed and Breakfast in Salt Lake- it was over 100 years old but beautiful.  I love old houses with interesting histories. We had a fabulous view of the temple, a great shopping spree, pretty good "fancy" pizza, a really hard but really good run early in the morning up City Creek Canyon, and a trip the the Salt Lake Temple in the morning.  I love being married. 

The main floor of the B&B had a pool room and 2 lovely sitting rooms.  Before kids I remember playing pool with Joe on the weekends all the time with Ross and Ashley and his buddy Smitty when we all lived in Utah.  So fun.

Back to Lizzy's house- 

My kids can't get enough of Mona, Pearl, and Maxine- they love their cousins!
Whew!- what a road trip!

I'll end on this picture of Bo and Joe- can this little guy stop growing for one second?