Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Since we got our front room completed Joe and I thought it would be good timing to have a house party, what funner way to celebrate than on Cinco de Mayo? Joe made his family's famous enchiladas, (they were delicious!) and we had salsa, dip, arroz con leche, and Jarritos to drink. To top it off we smashed up a pinata in the backyard. That pinata had the beating of a century. It was beat the traditional way, then stoned and finally pierced javelin style. I realized you are never too old to have fun with a pinata.

Rock's first pinata. He's just trying to figure out what that large red pepper is doing hanging from a tree. Next year we will work on hitting it.

Stand by, here comes Cameron with a stick.

I love how she gives the pinata a hug.

Have you been practicing for this Andy?
Also, I realized last year for Cinco de Mayo I got to spend it with the Fa'anunu's in Chicago. Olivia was only 1month old and Jenny let me come stay for a week! We made our own pinata- the golden snithch! And little did I know I was actually 3weeks pregnant with Rocky boy at that time. He's turned out pretty cute.

"You're not getting me in the picture are you Joe?"
"Nope, just Rocky"
Don't Rock's hands look huge? When I see other babies his size, their hands or feet aren't that big, he gets that from the Weatherspoon's. The other day when his cousin Natalie was over (she is 13months) his feet were only 1/4 inch smaller!

Friday, May 1, 2009

New House

The past couple of weeks have flown by because Joe and I have moved out of our apartment and into our new (used) home. This doesn't mean AZ will become our permanent residence though, we were just fortunate enough to take advantage of the buying market while the market is hot. Here are some before pictures, I will post the after pictures soon. It's not quite ready yet. I under estimated how much work it is to paint and clean a dirty house... with a 3 month old... and with the worst case of the runs I have ever had... I kid you not I thought I had cholera for a while there. That whole week of moving is one big blur in my mind, but the one thing I do remember is there is 900sq ft of tile, which means 900sq ft of dirty dirty grout. I hope I never have to scrub another dirty piece of grout. Rock can be quite accomodating though. Yesterday I had the kitchen left to scrub when Rock woke up, so I brought him out to the kitchen and put him in his swing to see if he would let me finish, and before I knew it he had closed his eyes and went back to sleep. I guess I didn't realized how soothing the sound of a scrub brush on grout can be. Amazingly enough he woke up on my last few tiles. It was a relief to have that job done!
I know we would not have been able to get anywhere if it hadn't been for the help we had here from our friends- to anyone who babysat, moved a box, painted a floor board, picked up a pack of magic erasers, or scrubbed some grout, I thank you! You are my homies for life. And Joe! Really, where would I be without Joe? He pretty much handled the load when I was sick as a dog. That man can really work. I honestly don't know how many nights he spent into the wee hours painting and setting up house while also juggling the demands of Pharmacy school.

View from the front. Don't mind Jon trying to keep Cameron probably from eating rocks, or Andy's elbow.

Backyard- So big, so much work ahead of us... But we have a pool, which is awesome!

Kitchen area

Living room, Joe is getting creative with the primer. There is a funny story about how he specified who he loved on the wall(Sarah). I was out running errands when he decided to paint that, but right after he did the Fridge repair guy called and said he was on his way, also so did Joe's friend Jon. Joe was feeling sheepish that one of them might think the message was intended for them just in case they got there before I did, so he added (Sarah).

The master bedroom and bathroom.
Also, there are 3 other bedrooms and a tiled dining room not pictured.

Here is what we have accomplished so far- What I like about this house is how many arches there are. It adds some uniqueness to it that makes it fun to live in!

Happy Easter

We had Easter dinner at our place this year. We tried to have an authentic feel to the whole sha-bang. We served Lamb roast, fish, kabobs, dates and other dried fruits, goat cheese, and flat bread. Everyone sat on the floor around our big coffee table. Later that night the boys studied and the girls (and Rockwell) dyed eggs. It was fun to have everyone over one last time in that tiny apartment before we packed up our stuff and moved to our new house!

'Everyone' includes The Esplin's, The Jared, The Nuckles, and Rebecca and Natalie, and The Weatherspoons!

I tried making my egg look just like Rocky.

This is how handsome Rock looked on Easter Sunday.