Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Birthday & Spring Sneak Peak

For my birthday Joe got me a long board! I only have one more year until I'm 30, so it was a good year to get it!
 We've all been into boarding a bit lately. 
Bo and I shared a few things in common at this age...
He's kinda fun to find after nap time. He's generally so happy. 
Spring is starting to show her face around here. We took a walk at the duck park on a beautiful sunny day yet oddly enough the pond was still frozen over. Rocky is pictured in shorts!
We went out on the bike trail with friends and made sure to stop long enough in the woods to play. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Parents!

The last time I saw my parents before they left on their mission was September 2012! They were good to us and came to meet Bo this last week. Though it was a quick trip we did lots, and made lots of memories. At Mann's Creek we tromped through the crunchiest snow. We all took a few turns sledding but Grandma and rocky had the most fun. 
Rocky getting a piggy back ride from my dad. Just because. 
Having grandma Jeanne on the trampoline brought back memories of trampolining with grandma Daines in Tahoe. Minus the snow. 
Inside the igloo joe and I worked so hard on!
Rock and rose climbed all over it the next day- since it warmed up and caved in a bit we declared it unsafe to play inside. 

Rocky Turns A Whole Hand

There will come a time when Five years old will sound so young...but not today! I can't believe the little baby boy that made us parents is a whole hand old..
Favorite things about this boy: He has more "favorites" than anyone I know because he enjoys people and life in general SO MUCH!  He eats his Taco Bell burritos with 3 packets of mild sauce.  He lives for his siblings and sets a high standard for all of us in the family on how to love each other.  He laughs harder than anyone i know.  His dreams crack me up- in the morning he will tell me about how he dreamed p a way to defeat joker or some other villain in his video game. Or he dreamed he was an angry bird in space.  I say: funny.  And he says, "No mom, Cool." He's my little buddy and I love him!
Happy Birthday Rockwell Warren Weatherspoon!  I remember the first time Rocky went in to get a lab draw at less than a week old, someone overheard his name and said, "With a name like that he's gonna be president or something like that"  Rocky definitely lives up to the greatness of his name.  He is so kind and loving but also fiercely protective (especially for Rosy and BO).  He is smart, quick-witted, and so easy to laugh or smile.  He is authoritative but also fair and thoughtful.  I feel so lucky to have him in our family.

More Frosty Days

The kids and I did some exploring on the snake river on a particularly frost, foggy day.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Christmas and New Years

We had a short sleeve Christmas Eve!  It felt wonderful to not be bundled up.  Joe had to work until the afternoon so we went on a walk down Grandma and Grandpa Weatherspoon's street to see how the horses were doing while we waited for dad.

Bo is getting busier and busier by the day!  He was fixated on the glass ornaments and all the presents under the tree.  By the look on his face, it seems like he knows how cute of a trouble maker he is!
We all got new pajamas from Grandma and Grandpa so we put them on and took our pajama line up picture a little early (on Christmas eve as opposed to Christmas morning)

Christmas morning was a treat because Bo slept through the night, and the kiddos all slept in.. We had such a fun time on Christmas Eve I think the kids thought that was it- and didn't rush out to the Christmas tree to look for presents. Instead, they all snuggled into bed with Joe and I.  It wasn't until we asked them if they thought Santa came last night did they jump up to go look under the tree!  We also spent the afternoon at Warren and Margaret's- what a treat to live so close to family during the holidays!
On New Years Eve, Aaron was in town so we went out in the mud and shot some guns! 2013- Going out with a BANG!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fun at the Frozen Reservoir

We were on a mission to go sledding one day and drove out to a reservoir we had frequented this summer with the paddle board. We were shocked to see how low the water had gotten- it made the drought conditions a lot more real to see the obvious affects of it. Nevertheless, we still had a comepletely memorable time skating around on the frozen water, sledding over snowy sand and over all just having a great adventure!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Rosy Posy Turns 3

This little girl of ours had a princess tea-party with Rocky, her grandma, and friends when she turned 3.  
She helped me decorate and prepare for the party the entire day before, which was a lot of work! And the day after her party she stomped her foot and got that determined look on her face when I tried taking the party decorations down.  She insisted that it was STILL her birthday!

This picture cracks me up- she looks so disheveled from running around with her princess friends, and her face is so serious! haha.. It's a big deal turning 3.

These pictures are from the annual birthday shoots I try to take of my kids.  It usually happens sometime within a month after turning a year older.

Some thoughts Joe and I had about Rosy on her special day:
Some things that make Rosy great are her smile, especially her happiest crazy smile.  I love hoe goofy she is and how much she likes to laugh.  I love the fact that she is always singing to herself.  I love that she has to put her lipstick on 10x a day, and at the same time loves batman and superman.  She usually doesn't wear her princess dress unless she has a superhero cape on as well.  Her favorite color is golden.  She doesn't give out affection as often as her big brother, but when she does it is special and sincere.  We feel pretty lucky to have such a special girl.  -Sarah
I do love that spunky little girl of ours.  I love how she is so easy to tickle and so quick to smile for me, but will be stone faced to 99% of people out there.  I love how happy she is when she wakes up in the morning before I go to work.  I love how confident and matter of fact she is with her decisions.  I also love it when she helps me with  my projects.  She is quirky, funny, beautiful, quick, determined, and a Daddy's girl, and I wouldn't have her any other way. -Joe