Friday, February 14, 2014

Rocky Turns A Whole Hand

There will come a time when Five years old will sound so young...but not today! I can't believe the little baby boy that made us parents is a whole hand old..
Favorite things about this boy: He has more "favorites" than anyone I know because he enjoys people and life in general SO MUCH!  He eats his Taco Bell burritos with 3 packets of mild sauce.  He lives for his siblings and sets a high standard for all of us in the family on how to love each other.  He laughs harder than anyone i know.  His dreams crack me up- in the morning he will tell me about how he dreamed p a way to defeat joker or some other villain in his video game. Or he dreamed he was an angry bird in space.  I say: funny.  And he says, "No mom, Cool." He's my little buddy and I love him!
Happy Birthday Rockwell Warren Weatherspoon!  I remember the first time Rocky went in to get a lab draw at less than a week old, someone overheard his name and said, "With a name like that he's gonna be president or something like that"  Rocky definitely lives up to the greatness of his name.  He is so kind and loving but also fiercely protective (especially for Rosy and BO).  He is smart, quick-witted, and so easy to laugh or smile.  He is authoritative but also fair and thoughtful.  I feel so lucky to have him in our family.

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