Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Trip Home

Rockwell and I had to leave Joe for the first time, and went home for a quick trip. More than just my friend, my Zac Grow passed away. It's hard to put into words what that really means to me. Although it was a very difficult thing to go home for his funeral I got to spend time with Lizzy, my little big sister, and all of the Grow family. My parent's were out of town on a trip they had been planning to Virginia and to Jennifer's house, so the kids ran wild in Grandma Jeanne and Poppa Eric's house.

Collin, Brandon, and Madeleine; my brother's kids. Rock loves his cousins! Brandon especially made Rockwell laugh everytime he looked at him. Rock put a dirt clod the size of his fist in his mouth shortly after this picture.

My favorite pumpkin patch! I have never lived anywhere other than in the bay area where I have found a better pumpkin patch. I was so glad Rocky got to go! He had such a good time too.

Captain of the ship!

No comment.

Ramona slept through the whole thing!

Rock loved playing in grandma Jeanne's backyard. He walked that tricycle around in circles and circles!

Ramona is 2 months younger than Rocky and put up with a lot this weekend. He just wanted to touch her face and roll over and around her the whole time. She barely made a fuss even when he was poking her in the eyes. Thanks Ramona! And sorry about Rock. He just really likes you.

My mom keeps such a spic and span clean house Lizzy and I revelled in the messes our kids made. She wasn't around to see it, and we found it humorous how many things they pulled out of drawers, off shelves and threw on the kitchen floor. If you find anything out of place you know who to blame...

I also got to see my grandpa. We went on his morning walk with him.

Up to the same old tricks at Grandpa's house.

Happy Guy

Rock is our smiley guy. I just wanted to blog his cuteness.

Getting ready for Halloween!

His new favorite trick- running away as fast as he can after his bath.

Rock got invited to his first birthday party- Kaylee's sister's little girl turned one! He didn't even want to eat cake, instead he munched on a carrot. Good little guy...

Cameron on the other hand dug in! Fun night, thanks Jocelyn for turning one!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bonfire Pit

Project by project out backyard is coming together. This bonfire pit is the biggest project by far and it feels great to have almost done. And what feels even greater is that all the materials we used were here already- I don't even want to think about how expensive it would have been to have to buy all that rock, but the previous owners had a lot of supplies in the backyard. It started out looking like a rock quarry, and hopefully by the time we're through it will look great!

The rock quarry...

A few weeks ago before the river rock was laid.

Finished product!

Now Joe can roast S'mores every night- a dream come true.