Sunday, January 26, 2014

Christmas and New Years

We had a short sleeve Christmas Eve!  It felt wonderful to not be bundled up.  Joe had to work until the afternoon so we went on a walk down Grandma and Grandpa Weatherspoon's street to see how the horses were doing while we waited for dad.

Bo is getting busier and busier by the day!  He was fixated on the glass ornaments and all the presents under the tree.  By the look on his face, it seems like he knows how cute of a trouble maker he is!
We all got new pajamas from Grandma and Grandpa so we put them on and took our pajama line up picture a little early (on Christmas eve as opposed to Christmas morning)

Christmas morning was a treat because Bo slept through the night, and the kiddos all slept in.. We had such a fun time on Christmas Eve I think the kids thought that was it- and didn't rush out to the Christmas tree to look for presents. Instead, they all snuggled into bed with Joe and I.  It wasn't until we asked them if they thought Santa came last night did they jump up to go look under the tree!  We also spent the afternoon at Warren and Margaret's- what a treat to live so close to family during the holidays!
On New Years Eve, Aaron was in town so we went out in the mud and shot some guns! 2013- Going out with a BANG!

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