Friday, January 17, 2014

Rosy Posy Turns 3

This little girl of ours had a princess tea-party with Rocky, her grandma, and friends when she turned 3.  
She helped me decorate and prepare for the party the entire day before, which was a lot of work! And the day after her party she stomped her foot and got that determined look on her face when I tried taking the party decorations down.  She insisted that it was STILL her birthday!

This picture cracks me up- she looks so disheveled from running around with her princess friends, and her face is so serious! haha.. It's a big deal turning 3.

These pictures are from the annual birthday shoots I try to take of my kids.  It usually happens sometime within a month after turning a year older.

Some thoughts Joe and I had about Rosy on her special day:
Some things that make Rosy great are her smile, especially her happiest crazy smile.  I love hoe goofy she is and how much she likes to laugh.  I love the fact that she is always singing to herself.  I love that she has to put her lipstick on 10x a day, and at the same time loves batman and superman.  She usually doesn't wear her princess dress unless she has a superhero cape on as well.  Her favorite color is golden.  She doesn't give out affection as often as her big brother, but when she does it is special and sincere.  We feel pretty lucky to have such a special girl.  -Sarah
I do love that spunky little girl of ours.  I love how she is so easy to tickle and so quick to smile for me, but will be stone faced to 99% of people out there.  I love how happy she is when she wakes up in the morning before I go to work.  I love how confident and matter of fact she is with her decisions.  I also love it when she helps me with  my projects.  She is quirky, funny, beautiful, quick, determined, and a Daddy's girl, and I wouldn't have her any other way. -Joe

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  1. I say all the time, "I no wannoo" hehe quotable Rosy